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The FAQ of low code platform

The low code platform we often mention usually includes low-code and no-code development. According to the degree of code usage, the user groups targeted by the product are also different. The following are common questions and answers related to low code development platforms.


Why can no-code development be achieved among enterprises?

The no-code development platform needs a more accurate definition. It refers to a platform for visually designing data structures, user interaction forms, setting access permissions, and defining workflows around the needs of enterprise data and business management.


Very successful cooperation! Use Yeeflow to manage steel plant

As a business process management tool, Yeeflow can be used for different fields. Today I want to share with you how the steel plant uses Yeeflow to achieve automated management.


E-commerce team uses Yeeflow to achieve efficient mayeeflowgement

One of our customers in charge of the e-commerce team said that Yeeflow is a great process management tool to use APIs to connect their ERP system! In addition, Yeeflow is also a good digital workplace software for data query, decentralized collaboration between team members, and data sharing.


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