Yeeflow integrates with Zapier for a world of automation

Yeeflow always strives to keep all your work information connected. Which is why there is an ongoing effort to integrate it with all your favorite tools. Meet our latest great integration: Zapier.
Oct 7 2023

As a RAD (rapid application development) software, Yeeflow allows to build business applications easier and faster, indeed we’d love to imagine that Yeeflow would provide all you ever need. The reality is most of us, especially large enterprises, use a lot of different apps throughout the day, and juggling them brings you headache.

That’s what we need Zapier. Zapier can help you to connect Yeeflow with 3000+ other apps. With Zapier, you can also set up automate workflow in minutes to connect with Intercom, Google Sheet,  Xero, Twitter, Zoho forms or MailChimp,  just to name a few.

Zapier can set up in minutes with no coding and automate workflows (called Zaps) between apps. We generally believe that those workflows just got a lot more powerful at today!

Use Zapier to connect Yeeflow with 3000+ apps

Basically, Zaps will help us create or update data from one app to another app, for example, copy your social messages into your tracking items.

Even though an instant zap run a single action between two apps, it will promote your most business connection with no barriers. With Zapier, you can create as many zaps as you want, and you can focus on getting things done.

Here are two-way practices you can easily use Zapier to connect apps:

Furthermore, you may chain together as many actions as you want. For example, once we get new user from inbound marketing, then we need archive the user into Yeeflow list, also we need create an event, or an email sending to the new user, in our mailbox.

Find or update item in Yeeflow

Search is critical for Yeeflow data. Using search feature in Yeeflow makes the Zapier integration so important.

Imagine that you’re using Yeeflow and Xero to work on accounting business and you want to update payment status once the bill is paid from your banking account.

With the “Find items” action, Zapier can automatically load these actions and guide you to set the search through your payment list to find the item with the bill’s information. Then you can use a second action to update the item in the correct place.

Getting started

Now, just stop juggling these apps. Get started right now, you will find most popular apps at Zapier website, you can create your own business in a fast and easy way!

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