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BPM plays an important role in promoting the success of digital workplace platform. a growing number of companies begin to use it to improve efficiency.
Sep 22 2023

BPM plays an important role in promoting the success of digital workplace platform. In the early days of the advent of digital commerce, a growing number of companies change business models through redesigning the customer experience and optimizing business processes. By doing so, they successfully achieve the digitalization. At present, Yeeflow is one of the digital workplace software that most people prefer to choose.

Main ways for enterprises to deploy digital solutions

1.Find a digital tool and deploy it directly.
2. Carefully consider which digital tools to choose to improve the performance.
3. Starting with customer experience, and then deploy digital tools to increase value.

The above three methods are the main digital solutions for enterprises. But we believe that Option 3 is more likely to lead to the success. Why? because only thoughtful managers pay attention to adjust the relationship between people, processes, and corporate culture to achieve long-term digital success. Such leaders know that it is important to choose a right digital workplace platform. They focus on the customer experience and rely on data to consider how to make customer satisfaction higher and better. They recognize that end-to-end business processes can create value. This is why the maturity of BPM affects the sustainability of digital business.

Comparison with varying degrees of BPM maturity

It is not difficult to find that, under different maturity degree of BPM, the focus of the enterprise will change accordingly. In the long run, it determines the vision of an enterprise in the future.

The continued success of digital business is not easy

Of course, it is not easy to maintain the continued success of the digital business. Forbes reported that 84% of companies have experienced some failures in digital conversion. Digital business is not simply buying a digital workplace software, but involves many aspects. It is not just technology, and also requires investment in personnel skills and infrastructure.

Data research found that leading companies use digital workplace platform to change customer experience and operational processes while challenging their business models. This is in stark contrast to other unsuccessful digital transformation companies, which only use technology-leading methods to solve relatively business problems.

The researchers found that the most important difference between the two is whether the company’s management to employees are aware of the central role of processes in developing business models. For enterprise employees,  they must first establish a value chain or large processes. Only when they clearly understand that can they collaborate with each other.

Digital workplace platform attracts more employees

The implementation of digital workplace platform must be from top to bottom. Often, employees more likely to work for leaders who already use digital workplace software because it represents efficiency and collaboration. In addition, there is strong evidence to support that focusing on the customer experience will contribute to the success of digital transformation.

Based on the business view, if servicing customers can be essentially integrated, it can coordinate various departments completely. This is why BPM maturity is so important. In fact, BPM combines management disciplines with technology

Why is BPM now playing a central role in digital workplace platform?

Out of the pursuit of speed and agility, more and more companies are beginning to realize that BPM can drive digital transformation.

Promote agility

As companies enter the digital age, the main driving force behind BPM digital transformation is the need for agility. Although the historical value of BPM lies in driving optimization and efficiency, it can provide a new level of automation and improve agility.

Excellent BPM tools can be used to improve projects. Meanwhile, it can bring new markets and shorten the entire process cycle.Digital transformation has become a key factor for business. The digital workplace platform has increased the growth rate and execution capacity.

Use BPM to demonstrate innovation

An important part of BPM is the combination of business process modeling, automation, and monitoring with mobile devices. In this environment, enterprises can quickly develop low-code applications. It is the principle of combining this low-code method with BPM that makes BPM’s flexible performance to the greatest extent possible. BPM helps companies create solutions and make customers understand their needs faster without major investment.

The innovation of BPM has also changed the way of teams interaction and communication. BPM is good for bridging long-standing gaps amaong departments, and simplifying processes for internal and external customers.

BPM as a promoter of digital transformation

Why is agility and innovation so important? Because they are key factors in digital transformation. Demonstrating their capabilities in a market environment exactly shows the value of the BPM.

Technology drives enterprise repositioning

The essence of driving digital workplace platform is repositioning enterprise away from internally focused business processes and customer-oriented participation. But the fact remains that the enterprise consists of intertwined people, processes, and supporting technologies. BPM provides a way, and they no longer worry about technology problems and focus on solving the most important problems.

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