What’s new in Yeeflow: November 2022

Here’s a look at the amazing features we released in November. Let’s check it out!
Oct 7 2023

Appearance and workflow designer enhancement

We are thrilled to introduce the new amazing features in our November release, which include appearance and menu, service portal, duplicate and move to, attachments on comments, and workflow designer.

Enhanced Appearance & Menu

The settings of the menu and theme have been integrated into “App Settings”. You can now:

1). Set the custom styles of the application header and top navigation menu from application settings (under the appearance tab).

2). Manage the menu items from the Menu tab to add/remove components. (Custom link option has also been added.) You can drag to change those menu items’ orders or change their display text by giving them the custom title.

New Service Portal Settings

The service portal settings page has been rebuilt to help you manage the settings easier. Here are the main three changes:

•Set the logo and icon of this portal site separately.

•On the mobile view, the global menu bar has been moved from the bottom to the left Hamburg Menu style.

•The styles of the application header and navigation menu can also be set.

Duplicate and Move data list

In the previous release of September, we added the features “Duplicate” and “Move to” to the existing approval form, form report, or dashboard within the application.

For this update, we bring the features to the rest 3 components:  data list, document library, and calendar. If you go open an existing data list, from the more settings menu, you will see the two options.

Also, the data list-related settings have been consolidated into one menu item, called “List settings”.

Please noticed, when duplicating the data list, only the top 100 records will be included if there’s a large number of records.

You can do the same operation on your existing document library and calendar components.

Attachments on Comments control

To help better leverage the comments control on your form and process, we now bring a new option in which you can allow users to upload attachments when posting a new comment.

This feature will be helpful if users want to add some reference documents when make comments.

Workflow Designer Enhancement

Make your workflow designer more powerful than ever with new designed UI. Some of these simple-but-delightful updates include:

Layout of the workflow designer: The design panel changed from text introduction to icon display.

Changes on the elbow arrow: It can be bent and easier to organize, which makes the canvas of your process diagram more intuitive and clearer.

Copy feature on process nodes: You can now copy the existing actions by selecting the action and clicking the duplicate button under this action. This helps facilitate the configuration of your process nodes.

Adobe sign: This action is newly added in this release. With this action, you can integrate your process with Adobe sign to complete the e-signature of one or multiple documents. Learn more about how to use the Adobe Sign action.

For even more detailed improvements, make sure to check out our help center. And if you have any other feature requests, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to share with us in the Yeeflow Community.

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