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Yeeflow integrates with Zapier for a world of automation

As a RAD (rapid application development) software, Yeeflow allows to build business applications easier and faster, indeed we’d love to imagine that Yeeflow would provide all you ever need. The reality is most of us, especially large enterprises, use a lot of different apps throughout the day, and juggling them brings you headache.


2020 Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software

Rapid Application Development (RAD) software is a new trend in recent years. Whether it is consumer-oriented applications or internal business tools, software development is guided by two principles, that is, which software and how to develop it. The product itself and market strategy are the two driving forces, which means that we can abandon the traditional software development model and choose rapid application development (RAD) software.


What’s digital transformation? | digital workplace platform

Digital transformation comes from the interaction between technological progress and business development needs. Whenever a new technology appears, practitioners always want to quickly implement it among business users, the digital workplace platform is created. When companies face new problems, social and market need also change at the same time, which inspires new technological innovation. So what are the aspects of digital transformation?


Five steps to create a low code application

The low code platform allows a person without an IT professional background to create an application through a visual, drag-and-drop interface, and pre-built code snippets. According to Gartner, "By 2024, low code platform will account for more than 65% of development activities”.
Yeeflow, the partner of Microsoft Teams, has been committed to low code for many years. Anyone can easily build applications with it. However, even if it is a low code platform with simple operation, we need to spend some time thinking before creating applications. Today I show five steps for you to easily use Microsoft application builder.


Enterprise low code platform promotes digital transformation

As companies increasingly emphasize the continuous industry innovation, the enterprise low code platform has re-entered people's vision and gradually become the focus of corporate CIOs. Low code drag-and-drop integration and simple user interface templates allow anyone including those without a coding background, to build applications. Low code simplifies application development, enabling companies to quickly deliver new applications. While traditional software development can no longer match the enhanced collaboration, speed, and productivity brought by low code development. The enterprise low code platform is becoming a key enabler of digital transformation.


Who is more suitable for enterprise low code platform?

Low code is usually used in the field of enterprise software development. A complete low code development platform needs to bear a visual designer. Developers can build a variety of applications without coding. The enterprise low code platform also should provide a programming interface, and a small amount of coding is required to develop more extended functions. The popularization of low code technology has further lowered the technical threshold of enterprise software development, increased delivery speed, and reduce the overall cost. More and more enterprises can continuously upgrade their digital level through tailor-made software.


Fast App builder platform | No code mobile app maker

Low code business app builder is not something that has been defined first and then developed, and there is even no clear definition until now. According to the report of Forrester and Gartner, low code is mainly applied to the application development platform and represents a clear trend in the enterprise.


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