Zenlayer uses Yeeflow to manage his business

Zenlayer, a software defined network and services provider, is headquartered in Los Angeles and Shanghai with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, India etc. Zenlayer has more than 600 employees, but work in different regions. Zenlayer is looking for a tool to manage his business, and Yeeflow has been his best choice!

Yeeflow Moves Out of Manual

As a fast growing company, they are looking for a most productivity tool for collaboration. Microsoft teams is a good platform to integrate all the works related information. Zenlayer still needs a great BPM solution that can help to manage the workflow and business process across departments and teams. Zenlayer finally decided to use YeeFlow as their BPM solutions.

A New Automated Solution

With Yeeflow, Zenlayer is able to manage all their business process in Microsoft Teams. They can get the notifications from the Bot, Submit online forms, manage tasks, and share their business data with the team members.

Yeeflow Makes Work Easier

By using YeeFlow, Zenlayer can get all their departments work be centralized. They don’t need to purchase a lot systems, or switch between different systems with user accounts etc. And they did all this with a lot cost saving too. As a SaaS service, they just need to pay with users, and they can get all the new features from every monthly updates without any additional costs.

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