Yeeflow product updates in October

In the monthly updates of Oct. We improved the functions for dashboard to enhance the power of data Visualization.

1. More field types support for Chart, Pivot Table and Summary blocks

The Chart block on Dashboard has been updated. Previously, there are only limited fields type (like numbers, date, dropdown list etc.) can be used to generate the chart. Now, you can select any type of the fields included in your selected data list. Which means no matter the fields are textbox or lookup, you can create the chart with the type you like.

2. Data format for Chart, Pivot Table and Summary blocks

The data like numbers, date and currency are formatted to use the same settings you set in the fields settings. Like when you use the summary block to display the total number of the revenue, the data will be displayed as Currency with the pre-defined format.

3. Data List block improvement

The Data list block has been updated to support for column size adjustment. You can drag to change the width of each column based on the length of the content. 

Another update on Data List block is allows you to set “Show Command Bar” in the block settings page. Turn this option ON will allow users to filter, search data and add/update data on the Dashboard (depends on the permission settings on the data list). 

4. New application templates available

1) Business Travel Management

This Business Travel Application contains all the data that a business traveler wants to forward for approval/booking/cash advance/expense reimbursement. It includes the entire process of a business trip from the initial request, planning, and booking until settlement.

View details of this template

2) Project Management

All-in-one Project Management is the application that focus on processes, task assignments, timelines, and cost management. It helps managers plan, monitor and report on projects; it helps teams manage their work and collaborate, too.

View details of this template

Please kindly have a try about the new features, and feel free to contact us if you need assistant: 

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