Yeeflow is custom-built for enterprise companies

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve heard from Yeeflow customers worldwide about a two-wave response. First, business leaders took action to protect the health and safety of their employees and customers. Second, they adopted business systems to support new ways of working.

recent report by advisory firm Gartner* provides some insight into the latter. Among other recommendations, the report suggests that companies can rebound more quickly by sourcing “interim digital collaboration tools to enable employees to work remotely, ensuring security controls and network support are in place.” 

Long term, Gartner recommends that technology leaders “develop a digital workplace strategy that includes collaboration applications, security controls, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and network support.” 

In times of crisis, building a new digital workplace strategy that ticks all the boxes for security, reliability and bring-your-own-device support can be challenging. Our intent with Yeeflow is to make those requirements a given. We developed our product with enterprise companies in mind; their needs for security, reliability and compliance are reflected in the product. 

Enterprise-grade security developed to meet customer needs

Yeeflow, as users know it today, is the product for enterprise to create crosss department application. This requires the multi-level of the permission protections. Thus since the begining when we build the platform, the permission-based data management is one of the core features that’s been included.

With the multilevel authorization, you have the flexible to grant premissions for each single application.

Integrat with Office 365: meeting compliance standards

Along with security, compliance is important for Yeeflow customers in regulated industries. We’ve integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD to ensure the best suitable for enterprise-level compliance needs.

With the integration, you can leverage the flexible and powerful design tools to build your applications in a very shot time and low cost. And meanwhile, having the compliance policy powered by Microsoft to be applied.

Yeeflow on Teams: the awesome solution for remote work

Teams across the globe are moving to remote work. Microsoft aims to keep teams connected while they work apart by making Microsoft Teams available to as many people as possible. Teams allows you to chat, meet, call, learn, and collaborate all in one place. Sign up and start using Teams for free today, plus read on for tips for working from home.

With the integration with Microsoft teams, the main goal we are trying to deliver to our customer, is to reduce the switch from different system. Yeeflow allow you and your team to build the business applications just inside MS Teams. and share with co-workers immediately. This will help our customers to stay productive while working remotely.

Collaborating in unusual and uncertain times

Over the past few weeks, we’ve all been challenged to rethink how our teams work together. We’ve had to find new ways to maintain organizational agility, while making sure employees stay engaged.

But those adaptations alone simply aren’t enough. Business and technology leaders still need to meet high standards for reliability, security, compliance and user engagement. Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes and industries fulfil these requirements so they can collaborate during periods of business as usual and exceptional times like today.

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