How Yeeflow helps medical team save $1 million?

Yeeflow, a useful digital workplace platform to create benefits and save expenditure.

Why should I say that? Yeeflow helps a medical team save $1 million in one year, and achieve a performance growth of 133%? It sounds amazing! Let’s look at how it happens together!

Digital workplace platform allows enterprises to run stably. Yeeflow can transfers processes online, greatly improving work efficiency. One of our cooperative customers in Singapore is a medical team. By using Yeeflow, the input cost has been reduced, but the gain keeps growing. With a performance breakthrough from 4 million to more than 10 million, this is s a perfect informatization transformation of small businesses. Prior to this, as a hard-powered medical laboratory service team, they were once faced with a major crisis of stagnant growth.

The development path of this medical team

The team was founded in 2015, and its performance approached 2 million at the end of that year. It successfully keeps the performance in a double growth in the second year. However, with the growth of the business and the expansion of the team, it fell into a bottleneck in 2018.
An employee said, “Some customers constantly place orders with us, but the previous purchase information record is not complete. There is no systematic process to record this information. Excel can no longer meet the needs.” They urgently needed a digital workplace platform to help them manage all the workflows. Therefore, at the end of 2018, they Chose Yeeflow to automate their business.

How Yeeflow change their situation?

1.The process is automated to maintain business operations

In the past, the company’s business was difficult to unify with financial management, and financial planning could not be done in advance. This hides a potential crisis, that is, cash flow rupture. If the cash flow is cut off, it will be fatal in any company. Therefore, in order to ensure that the flow of funds is within the financial controllable range, the payment processes are all transferred to the online such as uploading sales invoices, purchase payments and contract payment details, etc.
With the gradual use of the Yeeflow system, the flow of information between different departments is unimpeded.

2.Standardized quotation to reduce talent requirements and the burden of recruitment

Since the medical program involves a total of 13 large and small projects, the professional threshold is extremely high. If the salesperson cannot understand the service plan, they cannot give a specific quotation. Therefore, their recruitment all starts with a master’s degree, and it will take at least two months for training before starting the job.

They standardized the project quotation through Yeeflow. After the salesperson measures the customer’s needs, they enter the system according to the requirements and the system will automatically generate the total cost. This greatly reduces the difficulty of quoting, at the same time, company can lower the requirements for talents and skills.
Now, the standardized quotation has become one of the competitive advantages of this medical team.

3.Business digitization to effectively improve processing efficiency, reducing manpower by 18

The scattered demand of customers brings various accounting statistics, which is also the most troublesome thing for the team. They move all business flows including demand confirmation, contract invoicing, purchase payment, and experiment execution to the Yeeflow system so that all data can be recorded.

By 2019, the number of employees has decreased by 18, but the performance has grown steadily.
4. Transparency in management to mobilize employees’ enthusiasm
Due to the opaque management in the past, it often caused team disputes. By using Yeeflow, the workload of employees can be transparent, achieving more scientific and objective performance statistics. In addition, it reduces the negative emotions of the team while grasping the core talents.

The general manager of this medical team has always believed that a digital workplace platform can bring huge profits to the enterprise. He attaches great importance to the process, since informatization is a good way for enterprises to become efficient and standardized.

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