Will low code application builder make IT staff unemployed?

Will IT be unemployed because of low code application builder? No. The rise of citizen developers does not mean that IT professionals will lose their jobs.
Sep 22 2023

We generally believe that it must be a good thing to be able to code in a modern world that relies on technology. But do business teams and even software developers really need to write code to build applications? The low code application builder has continuously evolved and gradually gained popularity in the market. With no code app builder, you can build applications without code or with a small amount of code. For IT personnel, it is not necessary to spend several months coding, in this case, they can concentrate on completing user needs and more creative functional design.

At present, the democratization of software development will be an important node. In the latest IT revolution, low code and citizen developers have become the two main driving factors.

What is low code application builder?

The low code application builder ensures that you can achieve application development without manual programming or only a small amount of programming. These platforms use visual modeling instead of coding, and users can drag and drop components into logical sequences to create powerful and even complex applications.
This mainly solves two problems. One is to reduce the time spent on manual coding, and the other is to address the shortage of qualified developers to meet the increasing demand for new software.
In short, no code app builder can make application development much faster than coding.

A new era of application development

No code and low code development methods are becoming more and more popular in technology and other fields. According to a Forrester survey, as early as 2018, 23% of global developers are already using low code application builder, and another 22% plan to use it next year. Why do companies invest heavily in no code and low code solutions? Because no code app builder can turn more employees into mature developers.

low code application builder provides space for citizen developers

These enterprises understand the potential of software and custom applications that can innovate business and improve work efficiency. Rather than waiting in line for months in the IT department, they want to be able to create applications themselves.

The no code app builder provides these citizen developers with an environment that is centrally managed and supported by IT. In this way, users can give full play to their application creativity without endangering the entire IT architecture. Their ideas can be simple solutions or complex IT structures. The technical level of citizen developers is unlimited.

The development of a citizen developer is to empower the entire employee with the best solution capabilities. The ultimate goal is to better coordinate business and IT, which is the driving force for continuous innovation.

Will IT be unemployed?

The rise of citizen developers does not mean that IT professionals will lose their jobs. On the contrary, the purpose of low code and civic development is to regain people’s enthusiasm. Basic programming knowledge will still be the main prerequisite for the new era since the IT department needs to ensure proper management, support, and security for citizen developers. And based on this condition, IT has more time to focus on more complex projects.

Citizen developers can reduce the pressure on IT staff

It turns out that contemporary programmers often spend a lot of time fixing bugs and updating existing programs. Adopting a low code strategy can alleviate these troubles, which can enable them to focus on developing better software.

In the increasingly fierce competition market, the demand for customer experience is growing. Meanwhile, the demand for software is explosive between internal applications that support smooth business operations and customer-oriented applications. Those organizations that cannot keep up with the pace of digitalization are likely to fall behind. By allowing more people to participate in the software development process, the pressure of IT teams can be reduced, and the capabilities of users are enhanced as well. It’s not an exaggeration to say that low code application builder is what the times need.

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