What’s digital transformation? | digital workplace platform

What’s the digital workplace platform? What’s the focus of it? Can it really help enterprise improve the working efficiency?
Sep 22 2023

Digital transformation comes from the interaction between technological progress and business development needs. Whenever a new technology appears, practitioners always want to quickly implement it among business users, the digital workplace platform is created. When companies face new problems, social and market need also change at the same time, which inspires new technological innovation. So what are the aspects of digital transformation?

Customer experience

Establish digital customer touchpoints

The focus of digital transformation is customers. When using the digital workplace platform, customers can access different data at any time to control the whole workflow.In this regard, airlines and Internet O2O companies are benchmarks. They have used the digital workplace platform several years ago, which is the core of operational competitiveness. The competition in these industries has been launched at a higher level.

Solve customer real problems

The digital workplace platform can solve comprehensive marketing and service problems. The most classic example is the sales strategy of the home appliance, electronics, and automobile companies in recent years. They connect isolated devices through the Internet of Things technology and provides friendly user services.

Therefore, when you are wondering which direction the digital transformation should go, the first thing to think about is what problems in this industry have not been solved. And how many problems can be solved or improved through the digital workplace platform?

Business and operations

Digital business objectsA major feature of a digital enterprise is its abundant data records. As long as the business objects exist in the process, there will be a real-time and accurate database. What is a business object? It generally is simply understood as all people or organizations in business activities. Establishing digital records and bring them into a relational database is the IT cornerstone. To become a truly digital enterprise, they must use a digital workplace platform where it can record in real-time, share securely, and query interactively. Yeeflow is such a platform.

Automated business processes

Although product design, creativity, marketing management, and B2B sales are always inseparable from human participation. However, in a fully online business, automation applications can almost run through the entire value creation process. For example, sales order, logistics services and advertising campaigns all can be automated through the digital workplace platform.

In offline business, relying on the combination of software and hardware can realize the intelligent operation process as well. For example, a digitally broadcast movie theater can achieve more than 90% automation by using the digital workplace platform. Ticket checking, broadcast control, and product sales can completely unmanned, limiting labor costs to the lowest level.

A large number of traditional enterprises are still using manpower to perform repetitive tasks, such as placing purchase orders, shipping and tracking logistics, invoicing, reconciliation, and informing customers. After using the digital workplace platform, these processes are very easy to automate.

Remote working ability

The 2020 epidemic has exposed a watershed in the way companies operate. During the months of isolation, some companies had to stop all operations, while others seemed to be unaffected. Only companies accustomed to working in a digital workplace platform environment can successfully adapt to the needs of remote work.

Employee management

Employee management is rarely associated with corporate digitalization, but there is a close relationship between the two. When using the digital workplace platform, employees can work more efficiently if the automated process control is in place, and business data and decision-making information are comprehensive. Moreover, the digital record of all operating activities also makes the cost of inspection and supervision lower than expected.

Secondly, rich enterprise data resources are used to empower the team. Enterprise data can be kept in a system with clear authority and interactive queries. Digital management makes the work easier, and leaders do not need to spend too much time on personnel management and process approval.

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