What cloud BPM can do for your organization?

In this article, the author will tell you 6 things that BPM can do for your organization.
Sep 22 2023

Business process management is a way for enterprise to do the informational reform. Through BPM software to manage the enterprises processes, which can not only sort out and optimize existing operating processes, but also make it easier for enterprises to achieve refined operations.

BPM not only represents a system, but also reflects the management thoughts. In the process of business process management, not only the steps and links are defined and optimized, but also the responsible person, timeliness and expected benefits of each link are defined.

And with the development of cloud technology, there are many BPM systems that can provide more diversified services. For example, Yeeflow cloud BPM system is one of the good tools.

1. Minimize errors

Yeeflow Cloud BPM solution can help you say goodbye to a lot of paperwork and manual data entry, as a result of which is minimize the error rate.

2. Access anytime, anywhere

The old system stored the data on a local server and users could only access it locally. While cloud BPM such as Yeeflow stores information in the cloud, and you and related staff can access from any device any time and anywhere through account password.

Also, Yeeflow provides mobiles app for Android and iOS, which allow users to access their task with the best convenience.

3. Data security

When choosing cloud BPM, data security is a concern for everyone. Cloud BPM software such as Yeeflow primarily focus on security functions. Through role access control, conditional visibility, and online banking-level data encryption. In addition, Yeeflow can provide backup to satisfy your security needs.

4. Minimal configuration and maintenance

When using an internally deployed system, you need to do configuration, store data, ensure storage space, purchase additional hardware, and manual backup. No matter what the system needs to run, it is necessary to point out the extra huge IT costs.

But by choosing Yeeflow, you can get rid of all these complicated steps. We will be responsible for all daily operations of the software, including performance, data storage, hosting, backup etc. If it is a new version or bug fix, we will implement it for all users. This means that your IT department can focus on other, more urgent matters. At the same time, any problems you encounter can be resolved by our professional after-sales service staff.

5. More efficient teamwork

Whether your team is in the same office building or in different regions, cloud BPM collaboration is very easy. Automated processes, centralized documentation, and convenient digital lists allow you to access any information when you need it. It can provide a perfect solution for remote work.

6. Business process optimization

Yeeflow reports can help to better visualize business data. All data is stored in the database, monitoring and analysis becomes easier. The information gathered from these real-time reports can help improve strategies and make decisions.

In addition, Yeeflow cloud BPM system supports building apps without coding. Enterprises use a codeless platform to “build” the system, which can save money and time, while also greatly improving work efficiency. If you find it helpful, try it for free right now!

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