Welcome, Yeeflow for iPad!

We are excited to announce that the Yeeflow mobile app for iPad has been published to the app store and is now available for download. The Yeeflow mobile app for iPad is a powerful and convenient way to access your Yeeflow data and workflows on the go. You can view, edit, create and share your forms, reports, dashboards and apps with just a few taps on your iPad screen.

With the Yeeflow mobile app for iPad, you can:

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere. You can view your forms, reports and dashboards online or offline, and sync them with the cloud when you have internet connection. You can also use filters and search functions to find the data you need quickly and easily.
  • Edit and create your data on the fly. You can edit your existing forms and reports, or create new ones from scratch using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can also use formulas, validations, conditional formatting and other advanced features to customize your data entry and display.
  • Share your data with others. You can share your forms, reports and dashboards with your team members or external collaborators via email, QR code or link. You can also control who can view or edit your data with permissions settings.
  • Build and run your workflows on the go. You can design and publish your workflows using the visual workflow designer on the Yeeflow web app, and then run them on your iPad. You can start a workflow instance from a form or report, approve or reject tasks, add comments and attachments, view workflow history and status, and more.

The Yeeflow mobile app for iPad is compatible with iOS 15 or later versions. Yeeflow mobile app now supports iPad split view and slide over features. This means you can use Yeeflow alongside other apps on your iPad, making it easier to multitask and switch between tasks.

To download it from the app store, please click here. To learn more about how to use it, please visit our help center.

We hope you enjoy using the Yeeflow mobile app for iPad as much as we do. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have to help us improve our product and service. Please feel free to contact us at support@yeeflow.com or leave a review on the app store.

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