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Social safety management pressure is huge, then how to use digital workplace platform to manage firefighting system?
Sep 22 2023

Firefighting is an important part of urban public safety. With the rapid development of urban construction, various fire incidents occur frequently, and social safety management pressure is huge. How to use modern information technology to improve the efficiency of firefighting supervision becomes the focus and difficulty of governance. The integration of the firefighting system and digital workplace platform is necessary. Recently, the Firefighting Company from America uses Yeeflow to automate their processes.

Overview of the firefighting company

This Firefighting Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and recognized as an Internet plus industrial innovation demonstration base. In 2019, after the reform of the firefighting system, they became a firefighting consulting company for local government, providing firefighting technical support for grid-type safety management.

The problems when carrying out the plan

1. Firefighting management is a long-term dynamic process

Traditional firefighting supervision adopts a paper-based model. With the increase of inspection, the number of paper files has increased, and it takes too much effort to organize files. Besides that, the firefighting document always cannot be established in time. For example, a clothing store transformed into a milk tea shop in a short time, which only can be found when you manage it on the spot.

2. The paper documents are difficult to ensure accuracy

In the past, when firefighter went outside for inspections, they took photos firstly, and then fill in the records with paper sheets in the office later. However, the data is not real-time, and people need to manually make statistics into Excel, which easily causes omissions and errors. What’s more serious is that when they came back to sort out the photos of the on-site inspection, sometimes they couldn’t tell which place it was. This working model is very inefficient.

The leaders realize that it is imperative to use a digital workplace platform.

How to solve the problems?

To solve the problem, the firefighting company considered custom development, but it was too limited and costs much time and energy. After careful consideration, they finally chose Yeeflow-a modern digital workplace platform.With the continuous expansion of the use, they have also successively improved all the management systems, which mainly includes 5 aspects.

Information management

Inspectors can collect the information of staff, and places into the mobile APP. And intelligently classify and manage recorded information, which makes it more standardized.

Regular inspection

Inspectors can check by the process or App. The results are presented on the map in three different colors.

Intelligent warning

The system is connected to the equipment to intelligently sense the danger. When the system finds danger, it will send the alarm information to the App and PC. The relevant personnel will take safety measures at once.

Data analysis

Based on the input of past supervision data, the system analyzes firefighting hazards and supervision problems in a multi-dimensional way, effectively guiding the development of firefighting projects.

Firefighting consulting

The system provides firefighting knowledge such as fire-fighting dynamics, laws and regulations, on-site inspection guidance, and fire-fighting videos for people to read and learn. It can greatly enhance the fire-fighting skills and awareness of the public.

Intelligent management of small shops

There are different kinds of small shops on the street. The owners run shops with weak firefighting awareness, unscientific management and unclear responsibilities. If there is no right guidance, once a fire occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.
The firefighting company adopts grid-type management, combining with the concept of human defense plus technical defense, uniformly supervising the buildings, personnel, equipment, and environment of these stores.

Shops in the famous Brighton North Laines District, UK.

1. Collecting information with grid

According to the principle of geographical status, convenient management, distribution density, etc., the small shops are divided into grids. The shop owner records the shop’s basic information and safety conditions into the system.

2. Paperless and efficient inspection

First, number each area, and then use Yeeflow to generate area identification signal, post them on site finally. Inspectors go to the site to scan codes to fill in records. Area numbers, inspection records, and inspection time all can be seen in the system. After scanning the code, the shop owner can view the information on his mobile phone.

3. Intelligent calculation of hidden danger level

The inspector checks the shops one by one according to the system prompts. The potential safety hazard scores are automatically calculated and divided into three levels, red, yellow, and green. If it is red, it means it is quite dangerous. The owner is required to rectify it immediately and Yeeflow will remind the inspectors again within 7 days for the second review. If it is yellow, the owner can complete the rectification during the next inspection. If it is green, it indicates the site relatively safe.

By using the digital workplace platform, the firefighting company has truly realized efficient management. Yeeflow not only brings convenience to the company itself, but also ensures the safety of the people.

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