Very successful cooperation! Use Yeeflow to manage steel plant

With the increase of employees, the steel plant was actively exploring a suitable business process management tool to automate all the processes.
Sep 22 2023

With the increase of employees, the steel plant was actively exploring a suitable business process management tool to automate all the processes.As a business process management tool, Yeeflow can be used for different fields. Today I want to share with you how the steel plant uses Yeeflow to achieve automated management.

The steel plant profile

This company’s main business is steel manufacturing with two production bases, covering logistics and trade, environmental protection and comprehensive resource utilization, energy, and chemical industries. In 2017, the yield was $10.5 billion. With the increase of employees, the steel plant was actively exploring a suitable business process management tool to automate all the processes.

Their problems are mainly reflected in the following four aspects

1. There are many offline approval steps, which wastes a lot of time to find the leader to sign.
2. A large number of paper documents are generated during the business process, which makes it difficult to make statistics.
3. The supervision of equipment management is delayed, affecting efficiency.
4. In order to prevent potential safety hazards, special human monitoring is required for hazardous gas detection, and it costs much time and energy.

How Yeeflow solve their problems?

The steel plant has built 30 management applications through Yeeflow, involving various business process management such as equipment inspection and repair, hazardous gas fire alarm and warehouse management, etc.

1. Approval process

In the past, workers needed to issue paper documents for approval, and it took 2-3 hours to complete the process when the leaders were in the office. If the leaders were not in the office, it might waste a whole day. Approval wastes a lot of paper as well.
Now it only takes 30 minutes to approve by using our business process management tool. Workers just need to apply online. The relevant person in charge can sign and approve anytime and anywhere after receiving the message reminder, which greatly improves efficiency.
Also, the steel plant builds other process approval to ensure the efficiency of internal operations such as leave approval, car application, and travel reimbursement, etc.

2. Equipment inspection

The steel plant has 10 production lines, each production line has 8-10 zones, and each zone has 40-70 equipment. Once the equipment fails, the entire production line will stop running, causing huge losses. Therefore, equipment inspection must be standardized and implemented, and the data must be accurate.
In order to ensure the quality of the inspection, the steel plant uses Yeeflow to establish a device information table that generates a random code for each device. The workers scan each machine during the inspection, and then fill in the form.

3. Equipment maintenance

In the past, when there was a fault, the worker notified the maintenance personnel by telephone, and then fix the equipment according to the instructions, which might be a great threat to the safety and quality of equipment.
By using Yeeflow, after the worker discovers the fault, he can use the phone to directly fills in the fault information mainly in the form of text, photo, video, etc. Maintenance personnel carries corresponding tools after receiving task reminders. During the maintenance process, Yeeflow aggregates all detailed data into the online maintenance system, which reduces the response time from fault discovery to maintenance. All in all, it standardizes the repair procedures.

4. The harmful gas detection system

In the past, the hazardous gas detection and the alarm system was centralized in one control room, and there is a person to guard the system. If there is a hidden danger, he will immediately call the relevant person in charge to handle it.

Now the data of the detection system is connected to Yeeflow via API, and it is recorded every five minutes. If there is something wrong, it can be dealt with immediately, saving labor costs and enabling employee safety.

The leaders of the steel plant highly praised yeeflow, and they are very grateful for this business process management tool. By using Yeeflow, they really automate their business, and improve the working efficiency to the greatest extent.

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