Verify the domains for your organization

By default, when you sign up your Yeeflow account, you can use the email address and password, or use your Microsoft / Google account.

For Office 365 users, if you are the Office 365 admin, you can now verify the domains associated with your Office 365 by using the new admin function “Managed Domains”.

When you verify a domain for your organization, you do two things: 1) verify ownership of your company’s domain and 2) claim users’ accounts with that domain. Verifying a domain gives you more control over the Yeeflow accounts on your company’s domain – those accounts become managed accounts, and all the managed accounts are required to login from the Microsoft login page. Those accounts will no longer be able to login with (email + password) from Yeeflow.

To verify the domains for Office 365 organization, go to the Yeeflow admin center -> “Managed Domains”:

On the settings page, click “Connect domians” button:

On the pop-up window, click “Connect Office 365” button, then login with your Office 365 account (The account must have the Office 365 global admin permission).

Then follow the steps to verify the domains associated with your Office 365.

After all set, when any users trying to login with the managed account, 

they will be redirected to the Microsoft Office 365 login page.

Managed accounts give you the most security and access control over your company’s use of Yeeflow.

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