This Company builds 30 management applications within 2 years

The mobile internet company creates 30 applications within 2 years. How Yeeflow helps it to manage processes?
Sep 22 2023

We have a client from the Philippines who chooses Yeeflow as digital workplace software. Founded in 2004, it is a global smart terminal and mobile Internet company dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced and sophisticated smartphones, high-end audio-visual equipment and services

Let me introduce them to you one by one.

Dealer management system

In the past, dealers used to place orders through telephone, and then submit a salesperson for approval. Dealers reported the payment information by sending messages to the designated number. As a result, the bank reconciliation process is very heavy.

The company builds ordering applications for different regions, and dealers can place orders directly, reducing many communication links. Auditors obtain real-time data through Yeeflow reports, saving much time.

Daily sales management

In the past, due to the lack of professional sales tracking applications, it was difficult for the manager to get an immediate and specific understanding of sales. Since using digital workplace solution to create sales management, all sales details and data are clear at a glance.

Corporate Image/material management

The company has many chain stores in the local area. The image management of the company is relatively difficult. It often happens that the materials are not shared in time between employees and the production process is chaotic. Building material management applications through Yeeflow, the application, transfer, production of material can be queried.

Order management

When offline stores sell mobile phones, every transaction is counted through paper documents, and the workload can only be analyzed manually, which is prone to the loss of documents and confusion. Our digital workplace solution allows employees to directly upload files online, and the data automatically forms analysis reports to provide a decision-making basis for managers.

Customer experience store management

The company has many offline customer experience stores, but the data is stored separately. After the data of each store is aggregated to the company, it must be manually summarized. At this time, it is no longer the latest data.

The company builds an online customer experience management application, and all stores submit data online. In this way, the data is collected into reports in real-time, which is convenient for data query and analysis.

Salary management

The company has more than 1,200 employees. In the past, paper-based payrolls were used. Errors in calculations and verifications will increase the workload, and the financial pressure is huge.

Now digital workplace solution is used to build a salary management application, and financial staff can easily calculate salary through the formula. It only takes 30 minutes to complete the salary!

Reimbursement and application

In the past, the company lacked a standardized reimbursement application, and the reimbursement process was pretty messy.

Therefore, they create a reimbursement process form. The employee can initiate the reimbursement process by WeChat. They can submit successfully in accordance with the specified format. The overtime reminder function ensures that the leader can handle it in time, and the reimbursement process is clear than before.

Fixed asset management

Fixed assets are of different sizes and scattered locations. It has always been difficult to manage, especially when equipment is damaged and needs to be reported for repair. How to quickly reimburse and track the progress of the incident has become a serious problem.
The company designs management applications for different types of fixed assets. Each device corresponds to an exclusive QR code. People can scan the code to view the device status and update device information online.

The more personalized management application

In addition to some relatively standard applications, the company has also built other personalized applications through our digital workplace platform such as travel reimbursement, employee onboarding, leave request, interview Assessment, etc.

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