The top 5 productivity apps for Collaboration

Selecting the right tools to enable employees to work efficiently and improve management skills can be challenging. There are hundreds of tools out there and they all claim to be the magic, but what suits you is the best.
Sep 22 2023

Productivity has always been a topic that companies talk about. Selecting the right tools to enable employees to work efficiently and improve management skills can be challenging. There are hundreds of tools out there and they all claim to be the magic, but what suits you is the best.

In this article the author outlines the top 5 tools which we’ve pulled from our personal experiences and conducted detailed, to give you the information you need to understand the features and benefits each has to offer.


Slack enables people on your team or in your organization to have group discussions, one-on-one conversations, video calls, and audio calls. Discussions can be public, meaning anyone can join to follow along or chime in as necessary. Chats can also be private, whether one-on-one or among a group. In the workplace, Slack has earned a reputation for fostering a sense of community, too, as people create channels (similar to discussion boards) for leisure topics, simulating the water cooler chat from days gone by. Most importantly, Slack lets you connect with colleagues in whatever way works best for both you—in real time, asynchronously, in public where other people can chime in—which is something email never could do.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is perhaps the most well-known group messaging app. Group chat can be public or private in Microsoft Teams, with the help of Microsoft’s embedded Skype, users can directly conduct video and voice conferences; It differs from other group messaging apps because it integrates tightly with other Microsoft Office apps, including Outlook, OneDrive, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, PowerBI and many other Microsoft office software. Kirk Koeigsbauer also emphasized that Teams has Microsoft’s proud security protection, and the content of collaborative communication will be encrypted.


Yeeflow is a saas and BPM software, from small business to enterprise, Yeeflow helps companies deliver high productivity with the powerful application creation components. Yeeflow help users to easily design and customize business forms, workflows and applications with powerful drag-n-drop interface. It can help even non-technical people create amazing applications. You can find YeeFlow from the Microsoft Teams App Store. Use YeeFlow on Microsoft Teams, design your workflow and make users submit requests through Teams directly. Approve tasks with bots and manage data with Teams tabs.

Learn more about how Yeeflow combine with Microsoft Teams to boost your productivity here.


When you need a project management service yesterday, turn to Wrike. Wrike offers a flexible solution for small businesses and enterprises alike that isn’t as feature-rich as some other options, but lets you get up and running extremely fast. Similar to Trello and Teamwork Projects (mentioned above), Wrike is an online app where people from the same team log in to track their tasks, track progress of other tasks, and at an even higher level, watch how all those tasks are contributing to the completion of a project. You can integrate Wrike with a good number of other apps and services. The setup time is also speedy. Wrike is a great online collaboration tool for businesses that need to track tasks and manage projects.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has kept pace with the world of project management extremely well, freshening up its look and adding features that all teams need to work collaboratively. It offers a truly free level of service, so you can try it out fully and without any time restrictions; or use the free version indefinitely. Zoho Projects is a great productivity platform with ample add-on tools and services to grow with your team or business. When everyone on a team can see the status of tasks and a project, everyone knows where to put their focus and stay productive.

If you want to become more productive, the 5 apps listed in this blog post will help. We encourage you to investigate each of them yourself, sign up for the free trials, and see if they can assist you in getting more done in less time.

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