If you feel interested in the digital transformation, you should check these trends and have a try right now!
Sep 22 2023

Digital workplace is a modern virtual version of the traditional workplace. It can quickly and safely provide role-based personalized services, and can provide employees with all the applications, data and collaboration tools they need with a consumer-like experience on any device anytime, anywhere.

The digital workplace adopts newer mobile services and digital technologies to improve employee participation and satisfaction by adapting to people’s working methods.

Digital workplace platform has been a hype strategy for whom searching for the digital transformation in many organizations.

Why we need the digital workplace solution?

A new global study reveals the advantages and potential of the digital workplace. This study conducted by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba (Aruba) shows that employees working in digital workplaces are not only more productive, but also more motivated, they have higher job satisfaction, and overall happiness.

This research called the “digital revolution” reveals the potential of the digital workplace, reveals more of the commercial and human benefits of digital-driven workplaces, and how companies with less advanced technologies face falling behind the competition, the risk of not attracting top talent.

What are the trends in digital workplace?

Trend 1

The promise of the digital workplace is here and driving the future of work: Propelled by advances in consumer technology and smarter spaces powered by IoT, the physical workplace is becoming more interactive and personalized, thereby unlocking significant efficiency, collaboration and productivity gains for employees.

Trend 2

The rise of Digital Revolutionaries: Delivering more than productivity, digital tools also unlock a series of human benefits: Beyond efficiency and productivity gains, companies making greater use of workplace technology and IoT are seeing an increase in employee job satisfaction, wellbeing, professional development and personal satisfaction. This research also reveals a divide between people we define as Digital Revolutionaries – employees who work in fully enabled digital workplaces where new workplace technologies are in widespread use – and Digital Laggards, those who work in less engaged workplaces that risk falling behind.

Trend 3

Security risks emerge through employee actions: New digital tools and IoT-driven environments introduce new cyber security risks. To protect themselves, employers must focus not only on their workplace infrastructure and network security, but also on the behavior of their employees. Our research reveals that employees continue to take risks around connectivity and information security, despite being highly aware of cyber threats.

Trend 4

The future is bright: Continued advancements in digital technology and automation pave the way for better workplace experiences: While automation can be perceived as threatening job security, we found that there was widespread enthusiasm for the benefits that it can create; particularly in building smarter, more intuitive working environments that allow people to focus more on doing their jobs effectively

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