Valmet: Transforms Its Business With No Code Development

Transforming the business with no code development can bring you many advantages.  Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. Our 13,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers’ performance forward – every day. 

Business Challenges

As the Office 365 customer, Valmet has many different business requirement from multi-departments, and our yeeflow with no code development can totally meet his demand.
Valmet use third-part vendors to develop each individual applications. The development cost is very high, and the response for any function changes is very slow. So many business requirements are pending or delay.
As the applications are individually, it’s hard to make the integration, and the maintenance and management are complex.
Users want to have the mobile support for each application, but most of the applications can only support PC.

The Solution

Valmet choose Yeeflow as their centralized workflow and applications platform, as Yeeflow can fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.
Build a centralized workflow center for cross department collaboration, so all users can work together in one platform.
With the multi-language support, the teams in other regions can leverage those applications.
With the integration with Teams, users can work from PC or Mobile, which dramatically increase the productivities.
With the flexibility capability, application functions can be changed based on the business needs.

The Benefits

The no-code element of Yeeflow and the simplicity of the layout are the key features Valmet loves about Yeeflow. The no-code platform lets Valmet easily move forward in their digital transformation goals. They have expanded from the first automated process and are always on the lookout for more ways to use the platform.

Pressing On

With Yeeflow, Valmet was able to improve and enhance their business operations, and provide a platform that empowered their business users to take control of their own business processes. As they continue to grow, Valmet will now look for more solutions that put the power of technology into the hands of those who know the challenges the best! By the way, we are confident that our yeeflow with no code development will be widely applied to many industries in the furtures, and it will automate your work and improve your working efficiency in an amazing way!

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