The best BPM for Microsoft Teams in 2020

What’s the best BPM software for Microsoft Teams in 2020? Undoubtedly, yeeflow will be your best choice.
Sep 22 2023

What’s the best BPM software for Microsoft Teams in 2020? Undoubtedly, yeeflow will be your best choice.

What is Yeeflow?

Yeeflow, an online BPM in Microsoft Teams, is also an application building platform to fully help an enterprise to manage their business. You can create unlimited forms, applications, and workflows with no code there.


What’s the feature of Yeeflow?

The strong Integration capability

Yeeflow can seamlessly integrate with Enterprise-Grade apps, EPR, and cloud platforms to make your solutions more dynamic.

Cloud-Based Authentication Services

Yeeflow offers Single Sign-On (SSO) function.

Enterprise App Integration

It can connect your existing applications, building a bridge with ERP applications.


What can you get from Yeeflow?

Access complete functions of Yeeflow in Microsoft Teams

You can finish all your work in Microsoft Teams by using Yeeflow, and each part can give you a perfect experience.

Build your forms and applications

With powerful drag-drop interface, Yeeflow can enable you to design unlimited forms and business applications, and they all can be adjusted in the later period according to your need.

Chat with Teams Bot

Never worry about missing any message, Team bot service can promptly remind you of any information such as new pending task and notifications from PC or mobile.

Collaborate with teammates

You are not alone to use Yeeflow, and you have the right to invite your teammates to work with you together.


Where can you find Yeeflow app?

You can find Yeeflow App in and Microsoft Teams and office 365. As for office 365 store, you can connect the Yeeflow with Microsoft Active Directory in Office 365 Store, while the user can directly build form and application directly in Microsoft Teams.


What’s the Yeeflow equipped with?

1. Visual flow chart solution tool
2. Drag-and-drop form designer
3. Role-based access control
4. Mobile friendly
5. Powerful administrator function
6. Single sign-on (SSO)
7. Integration with existing software systems
8. Reporting and analysis
9. Capable of carrying a large number of users
10. Process performance measurement
Yeeflow enables you to think about specific steps into the workflow, define the processes, visualize the connections between the processes, and arrange them to be meaningful. Yeeflow can also find out where the process can be improved. By using its visual map, you can more easily know which steps are unnecessary, which steps are unreasonable, and which steps may be automated. Moreover, it is easier to know when important data can be collected for reporting.


What benefits Yeeflow can bring to your company?

Improve business efficiency through Yeeflow

In some cases, using the Yeeflow flowchart to view the process can easily detect inefficient behavior in the process. This provides a basis for companies to make positive changes. Compared with manually creating reports, Yeeflow with built-in custom reporting tools can help your business meet the reporting requirements efficiently and accurately. Besides, you can also set automatic alerts at key points in the process to know when they need to input or respond.

Help companies better comply with regulations and audits

When you design your workflow, you collect a lot of information and organize the data logically. If your business needs to be audited, you will have a track record. Whether your company is facing employee insurance audits or tax audits, the information collected by Yeeflow can greatly reduce the workload. At the same time, these data, reports and statements will bring convenience to the auditors.

Provide better customer service for enterprises

Good business processes will lead to higher customer satisfaction. The electronic process can not only speed up the transaction but also reduce errors. Conversely, complex workflow and inaccurate data will trigger you to lose many customers.

All in all, Yeeflow has more advantages that I have not mentioned here. if you want to choose a BPM software in 2020, never hesitate to choose Yeeflow to manage your business. It is really a perfect BPM and will bring you a big surprise!

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