Rapid Application Development Tools – 10 Popular RAD Tools in 2020

What’s the most popular rapid application development tools in 2020?
Sep 22 2023

The difficulty, cost, and time for developing a mobile APP are issues that many innovative companies have to consider. Today I recommend 10 mobile rapid application development tools for you. These RAD tools can help companies to significantly reduce development costs and shorten development cycles.


Yeeflow, a famous rapid application development tool, is also a no code forms and applications building platform. With a powerful drag-and-drop interface, you can design unlimited workflow according to your business need. It is easy to learn with30 days free trial. Most importantly, it just costs you $6 per month after the trial. You can find it from Microsoft Teams store and Office 365 store.

2.Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is a rapid APP development tool for databases, and it is capable of developing web and hybrid mobile apps that can be used offline. Developers can use Alpha Anywhere to develop mobile apps with reliable performance and good user experience.
Alpha Anywhere’s support for SQL databases is very good, and you can use a variety of native SQL data tables or Alpha’s own mobile database tool. Recently, Alpha has also added a mobile file system designed for massive data access in hybrid applications, with data compression capabilities. This can be used offline for applications that need to create a large number of photos, audio, and video files etc.

3.App Press

App Press is a web-based RAD tool with no code that can develop mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The target users of App Press are mainly designers, so the user interface they adopt is similar to Photoshop, which facilitates the assembly of various visual elements, layers and windows. The back end of App Press relies on the Amazon cloud platform, claiming to allow skilled designers to develop an app within a day.


EachScape is a visual rapid application development tool that can develop native iOS and Android applications, as well as HTML5 web applications. This sounds incredible, but EachScape does a good job. EachScape includes mobile back-end services, web preview tools and online development tools.


Form.com is a web-based tool that integrates a drop-in form creation tool, and you can establish workflow and API integration for specific processes. It supports digital signature capture and automatic filling of form data fields. It also allows offline filling and synchronization when online.


iBuildApp provides a large number of iPhone, iPad and Android application templates, and promises to develop an APP within five minutes. For common APP types, if the functions you need are in optional plug-ins, then using iBuildApp, a template-based development tool, can often quickly deliver some simple APPs.


QuickBase is an online RAD tool for web data and mobile web database applications and provides limited support for the integration of external databases other than QuickBase. QuickBase has more than 800 customizable application templates, including project management, purchase order and sales management etc. Users can also use QuickBase to design a data structure and develop a brand new database application from scratch.


ViziApps integrates online visual design tools and some customizable app templates to generate code for mobile web, iOS and Android native applications. ViziApps design tool provides forms, charts, user interaction and navigation bars, etc. There are more than 60 background settings, and it also supports highly customized and JavaScript extensions.

9. Appcelerator

Appcelerator combines mobile development IDE, SDK and multiple development frameworks and back-end cloud services. It is a highly enterprise-level rapid application development tool. Appcelerator’s Titanium SDK supports the development of native, hybrid and mobile web applications on the same code base.
Although Appcelerator is not a no code development platform, it provides JavaScript development tools for multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Tizen, and BlackBerry.


AppGyver Composer2 is a back-end hosting service. AppGyver’s Supersonic UI framework provides many native UI elements, including page switching, navigation bar, tab bar etc.

In conclusion, the above ten RAD tools have their own unique characteristics, and you can choose according to your own company’s situation. However, I strongly recommend you to use Yeeflow, for it is not only low in price, but also can provide perfect service.

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