Rapid application development platform -easily manage your business

In recent years, with the advent of the Internet informatization era, creating an information management system suitable for the development of enterprise has become a top priority. However, it is not easy to do. How to build business management software framework has puzzled many bosses. Fortunately, the emergence of rapid application development platform solved this problem in an instant,Yeeflow is the most obvious one.

Yeeflow rapid application development platform is a platform specially tailored for enterprises. It provides a complete framework for building application, form and workflow. Based on this framework, users can create their own ideal business management system easily. Why it can quickly create a software in a short time? since the rapid application development platform has the following powerful features.

1. Open source, low code development

The rapid application development platform provides open source code for secondary code development, which reduces code writing. Meanwhile, it simplifies the development process, and improves development efficiency.

2. Web-based development

The rapid application development platform is a full-web visual development and operation architecture. It can be developed as long as there is a browser. You do not need to install a complex local development environment, and the entire ide is powerful and easy to use.

3.Visual editing

The development process of the RAD platform is fully visualized, and the corresponding functional design work can be completed through simple drag-and-drop controls and data binding settings. Therefore, even if you do not have very professional computer knowledge, you can design it in few minutes.

4. Rich forms

The RAD platform has built-in rich form controls to meet more than 80% of the company’s regular business needs. You can use the built-in form controls directly or use third-party controls during form design, while supporting independent development of controls to meet various needs.

5. Integrated platform

The RAD platform is an all-in-one platform, which integrates all-round functions such as development, organization, process, form and report etc. It can be directly used, which is simple and convenient.

6. One-stop development

It bears a one-stop development framework. The system built by the platform can run on the PC side, IOS/Android side, and applet interface, and can obtain synchronized data of each end in real time.

7. Quickly respond to changes

The rapid application development platform adapts to changes in demand more quickly. When the software system developed by it is online, if the needs change, users only need to log in to adjust the corresponding functions and publish. The entire process only take a few minutes.

In short, based on the powerful features of the RAD platform, ordinary users can quickly develop a office software system in a short time.

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