Rapid Application Development | Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Application Development (RAD) can be considered as a powerful method to build apps, which can satisfy the variable needs from business department. With the spread of this trend, the RAD tools came into public. The suppliers transfer the code into visual interface and made the tool friendly to users. With these kinds of tool, even no technical person can develop apps to satisfy their own variety needs.

If you are interested in these tools and want to know more about it, the author has listed some frequently asked questions below, let’s check them!

1 Can Rapid Application Development Tools be Used to Build Android and iOS Apps?

Rapid application development platforms like Yeeflow can be used to build Android and iOS apps for mobile devices. Since all Yeeflow apps live in the cloud, the applications built are fully cross platform and responsive by default. This means no matter the device type or screen resolution, applications function as desired.

2 What is an Example of a Web-Based Application Development Tool?

The web modeler from Yeeflow is a cloud-based application development platform that is a conduit for building apps without the need to download software. Included in the server-side software is a bevy of rapid application development tools that speed up the production of apps.

3 What are the Best Rapid Application Development Tools?

The best rapid application development tools often include intuitive collaboration tools, application governance features and the capacity to build apps through visually modeling.  All these features are included in Yeeflow’s application development environment.

With Yeeflow, you can easily Connect our rapid application development platform to thousands of other apps with open APIs and webhooks. Below are some of the typical apps that our customer use.

As mentioned above, Yeeflow is a very powerful tools I want to introduce to you today. It allows users to rapidly design, build, deploy and manage multi-channel enterprise apps, all within one seamless cloud environment. Yeeflow’s rapid application development tools empower both developers and business users to build mobile and web apps 6 times faster and more flexibly than with traditional methods of development.

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