Our Customers Are Doing Something Different

Now, more than ever before, customer success has become pivotal to organizational triumph, vastly different from just a few years ago. Change keeps coming.
Sep 22 2023

Go back just a few years and nobody talked about customer success. I don’t mean to suggest that customers weren’t important, but their success and how they achieved it was largely their own business. Things have changed, and things will continue to change.

In this blog post, I want to give you my view of how our customers have kept up with the changing times by using Yeeflow to do something different – differently!

Traditionally, if you wanted to bring new software into a business, you’d talk to IT. In many cases that’s still the case. Projects were time consuming and included lengthy requirement documents, and by the time you spoke to the actual business users, you’d likely have built a solution that didn’t fully match their criteria. If possible, you’d try to adjust the solution, but more than anything you’d expect the users to learn to live with it.

Empowering Business Users

With the introduction of no code software, a brand-new world opened up, and together with our customers we have embraced this new world. A world in which the software vendor is in the background to help give the power back to the business users. That doesn’t happen overnight, as it’s a culture change more than anything, but as it turns out, our customers aren’t afraid to be different.

First and foremost, there is training. We’ve seen people hesitate at first when we suggest this. They imagine 2 days of installation, code, IT lingo, etc. And then we see them succeed when they get their hands on the system and realize that the system speaks a language they understand and recognize – and that language is ‘no-code‘. Training empowers the users to automate their own processes, because they know those processes best. They build out forms exactly as they should be.

The big win is that we’ve provided our customers with a tool that allows them to automate repetitive, time-consuming work. We see customers roll out 20, or even 50 processes in a year, because the work of doing so is split between all business units in the organization. They automate processes that are strategic to their business units because they impact customers (whether they are internal or external customers), and at the end of the day they are able to collaborate better to make informed decisions and complete strategic initiatives.

Customer Success

Most of our customers avail of our Onboarding program, as it’s an easy way to ensure they get the first process live quickly. Many also opt to organize training of one or multiple users, so they can continue to work on bringing processes online. This has proved to be a very successful approach, as we see how these customers slowly but surely build out more processes themselves.

But a few of our customers have taken this to another level because they realized that business users really can implement their own processes, and this doesn’t need to wait for IT resources to become available to help.

Some of these process empowered customers include:

  • Valmet – who implemented approximately 25 processes over a two months period, and had built the integration applications with third-part system with the Yeeflow APIs
  • Magna – who got 65 processes up and running within 6 months, and successfully migrated all the process from Lotus Notes.
  • Crestar Learning Centre – who is creating awareness and moving more into electronic processes in their own with Yeeflow.

With some customers we organized workshops with a group of people to basically continue Onborading and training. A week goes by and several processes are ready for UAT. A month goes by and those same processes are live. Work continues, and before you know it, 10 processes are live.

Imagine running 10 projects at the same time? Not a chance, right? But when you take a different approach and give the power back to the business users, you’ll see how quick and easy it is. Different, and effective.

Take your 30 days free trialand see for yourself the power Yeeflow can provide business users within your organization!

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