A better integration with Microsoft Teams

As the first monthly release, Yeeflow now brings lots new features to help you to use in Teams. Yeeflow helps Teams users to create the forms and applications for better collaboration and business management.

Add forms to your Teams Tab

Yeeflow allows you to add both forms and applications in your Teams tab now. If you want to share a form or an application with your team member, you can do this by adding a Yeeflow tab and select the items, or you can create a new one with our templates or from scratch.

Design your forms in the Teams Tab

After adding a form to your team as a tab, you can design the form and workflow within the tab if you have the admin permission. We bring you the new UI of the designer

Collaborate with your team members on forms

Once you created a form with Yeeflow, you can share with your team members by granting proper permissions. Then you can work together on the form submission, task approval and share reports etc.

Sync your Office 365 users

One of another great feature in this release is the user sync service. With this sync service, you don’t need to add each Office 365 account manually. Just set the mapping of Office 365 user profiles and Yeeflow user profiles. We will do the user sync automatically.

Please check the guide about how to configure the sync service:

Set Up Office 365 User Sync Services

We also improved the user experience of forms and apps creation and management process.

P.S. Would you mind giving us a bit of feedback We’d love to hear from you.

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