Create your own applications with Yeeflow

With the latest release in October, the new dashboard function is available for you to build the powerful business application. Leverage the blocks to visualize your data.

Install application templates and customize

Browse our new application templates of multiple ready-to-use business apps. From managing projects, to sales, to distribution, you’ll find pre-built solutions that cater to every aspect of your business.

→ Start Searching Apps

Create dashboard page with blocks

For each application, you can now create dashboard to visualize your data. You can choose from our 12 blocks like Pivot Table, Chart, Gallery and Calendar etc. and bring all contents in one page:

Customize your dashboard anytime

Design your dashboard to collaborate in context, like sales pipeline, project tasks, and cases tracking, and keep your team on the same page.

If you are using Yeeflow with Microsoft Teams, you can easily create the applications, and share them to your teams’ channels by adding tabs.

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