New features for users and developers!

We are continuing to work on great new features, to empower the capabilities of build powerful business applications.

Here are some of the most recent updates from Yeeflow.

1. The new export function for data list and form report

You may know that the export to excel function for list and form report had the limitation of 5000 records for each export. In the current release, we rebuilt the export function to allow you export records without such limitation. And there are also other new features included:

a. Allow users to select the fields and the orders to export;

b. Users can pick up items from the list and export;

c. Access the export history and download the previous exported records;

d. Support to export the lookup fields, and select to export the display fields and/or the ID etc.

2. Form designer improvement

We updated the UI of approval form designer and the list form designer. The new design gives you a better user experience.

For list form designer now allows you to add or edit fields in the designer. 

3. Notifications panel update

The notifications panel’s UI is updated to help you quickly check the new notification message.

4. Generate API Key (for developers)

To help you build the integration solution with third-part system, the new API Key generation function is now available. The settings is under Admin Center -> Integrations (requires for the system administrators permission). You can create the API key or rotate/deactivate the existing API key.

Use the API key to call the Rest APIs and build your own integration solutions. To learn more information about how to manage the API key, please refer:

Access your Yeeflow API key

5. New REST APIs (for developers)

The new Rest APIs are available now. Please check the APIs documentation to learn what methods you can use in your integration apps.


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