[New Live] Multiple Organization Support for Single Yeeflow Account

After about 3 months preparation, we just had the new user accounts design to go live in the production. This is a big change for how users create Yeeflow accounts and how, as a admin to manage your organization.

Some of the new features are highlighted as below:

Microsoft personal accounts integration

In the previous build, Yeeflow also support for the integration with Office 365 accounts (or called Microsoft work & school accounts). As the Microsoft Teams had support for the personal accounts already, we got many feedback from those users who want to install and use Yeeflow from Microsoft teams with MS personal accounts. 

And now, with the new update, you can sign up or sign in with accounts like Hotmail, Live, MSN etc. accounts by clicking the “Continue with Microsoft” button:

For more information about Microsoft account, check out from Microsoft web site: 

One Microsoft account for all things

Google Accounts Integration

If you are using the google account (personal gmail, or G-Suite) in your work, click “Continue with Google” in the new Yeeflow login page. 

Check Google Identify Platform for more information about how Google protect your account.

Multiple organizations for single accout

If you have multiple organizations, you can now click new Yeeflow organization. Each organization is one independent tenant.

You might also be invited to join other Yeeflow organizations by the admins of those organizations.

If your account belngs to multi-org, once login, you will see the list of organization available for you. Select one and click “Open” button to enter.

Click “Get Started” at the buttom, to create a new organization if you need.

These updates are available to all Yeeflow subscribers. Click here to login with your account and try it out!

Still no account yet? start your 30 days free trial now!

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