A No-Code Solution for business partner management

No code development platform is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.

Industry Type: Appliance company

Number of Employees: 200-300

Type of Apps Created: Business partner management system

Miele, a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, has a great work to do with the business partner management. To manage the great amount of business partners and get a view of every project process, their teams rely on oceans of paperwork to deal with the long messy progress.

On the one hand, the traditional manage method takes time and effort to find key information. On the other hand, difficulty in visually evaluating the major partners will also affect future development. Their teams needed an overall solution to solve Partner qualification review, Project filing, Progress tracking, and Data Integration.  

The first idea was to approach Miele in-house IT team but to put this in the hands of the in-house IT team would mean the process could take months to come to fruition. They didn’t have months–they needed something now.

Finally, they found Yeeflow. With Yeeflow’s no-code development platform, Miele was able to create all the applications they needed for Partner qualification review, Project filing, Progress tracking, and Data Integration. And They can do it all in a span of days, instead of the months it would otherwise have taken with hand coding and IT involvement.

What they build with Yeeflow is quite similar with the Partner relationship management software, which is typically cloud-based and includes content management, lead distribution, deal registration, marketing development, promotions, pricing and sales analytics.

With the help of Yeeflow expertise, they quickly get the skills and become a citizen developer, who can create their own apps. The application they created with Yeeflow can perfect match their team’s needs.

As their sales manager said, “I can never imagine the difficult problem can be solved by a non-technical person in such a short time, and the no code platform can realize such complex scenario, it’s so amazing.”

Having a partner relationship management system in place helps them streamline all their partner sales processes and minimize duplication within the business. If you are also interested in such tools, you can start your 30 days free trail with Yeeflow right now!

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