Meet the new power of data list

With the latest release in September, you can use our new powerful features for data list to manage your business data more effectively.

New fields management

We improved the list field management experience. Now you can add new field or edit existing field just directly in the list view. You can also drag to change the size of each field to make the display more friendly.

Colorful your data with conditions

Now you can set the line color of each item based on the pre-defined conditions. You can also set colors for options of select fields. Highlight the data with different colors.


The new KANBAN view has been added to data list. You can create KANBAN view to group your data with status. Drag the items from different stage. Create your own KANBAN view and collaborate with others.

New Gantt View

We provide you the new Gantt view. You can use it to manage your group data, like tasks or plans. It offers a visual timeline of your work to help you plan time, manage projects, arrange resources etc.

We also improved the sort and filter features for you to easily view and search your data.

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