Is no code development a gimmick, or the future trend?

Code is the backbone of most software programs and applications. But have you ever thought that you can develop a software without writing a single line of code? Nowadays, there are various no code development platforms. Such as Microsoft’s power apps, Oracle’s application express, and salesforce’s lighting platformNo code development tools are more and more popular in the whole development field.

So, what are the reasons that driving the no code development ?

Perhaps the most important advantage of no code is that it makes software development easier. It reduces the entry threshold of software development and reduces the cost of latter maintenance for traditional IT development. Just like everyone can use word and excel, no code development enables everyone to develop professional software quickly.

Is no code development a hype or a real future trend?

Many people think that no code development is just a gimmick. It’s impossible to meet complex business requirements only through configuration. They think that no code is just to develop a relatively simple small application and can’t build a real management system.

So, can no code development platform be competent for enterprise professional level application development?

In order to really understand whether no code development is an artificial hype, we take Yeeflow, the most representative development platform in no code app builder, as an example to talk about this problem.

By using Yeeflow, we can easily get the following four characteristics.

The first very distinct feature is easy to use.

Non-technical employees can easily customize all kinds of applications with Yeeflow.

Yeeflow adopts visualization multifunctional controls in its design tools, and the applications can be built by simple drag and drop. Yeeflow has the characteristics of powerful, easy to learn, no programming, fast building, etc., which makes the enterprise working process more efficient.

At the same time, the demander can design applications themselves according to their own needs, which greatly reduced the error caused by communication in traditional IT development way.

Secondly, Yeeflow is highly personalized.

The development mode of Yeeflow enable user to customized forms to meet all the possible needs from easy to complex. Also, you can choose different views to display the data, or design your own dashboard to get the important information you need immediately.

Yeeflow’s no code development is like building Lego building blocks. You can directly pull out the corresponding modules for any function you need to build the ideal house you want. 

Third, Yeeflow can achieve sustainable development.

There are complex and uncontrollable secondary development problems in the process of directly purchasing standard software produced by assembly line or the software bucket developed by software companies in customized development mode. Later testing and maintenance are all headaches.

The development cycle and later maintenance of Yeeflow is directly improved. With the visualized controls and a clear data display, you can easily do the changes. Added and deleted on the original basis to meet your updated requirements, which give great advantage to realize the long-term sustainable development of enterprise software.

Fourthly, Low development cost and universal applicability.

The IT construction of enterprises has always been a relatively “luxury” investment, which is also an important reason why many small and medium-sized enterprises have not developed their information construction. But Yeeflow enables small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve high-level information construction with low cost.

The advantage of yeeflow compared with traditional IT development

Compared with the traditional IT development, Yeeflow does not need a huge development team at first, it empowers every employee to solve their own problem, which reduces the cost of human resources. Secondly, the development efficiency of Yeeflow is high, which shortens the development time and cycle, and saves the time cost. Yeeflow helps enterprise to spend the least money to develop the most powerful and suitable applications.

From the above points, we can see that no code development platform is not a gimmick in the field of enterprise management software development, it is indeed the future development trend.

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