Import, Update and Delete multiple items of Data List

Import and update items

To help you better manage the data within data lists,  we’ve improved the import feature, to allow you import multiple items with excel file. Some of the main changes are:

1. Support to import Lookup fields

If you have the lookup fields in your data list, you can now include the lookup filed in your import file (excel), and select the mapping field in the import settings window:

2. Update exsting items when importing

If you’d like to update the info of the existing items, you can use the import function by including the ID of each item. This will update the fields in the import file. If the field is blank is the excel, the value won’t be updated.

3. Import history track

Anytime, onece the user complete the data import, the import history will be tracked and viewed in the import history list. 

Delete mulitple items

If you need to delete mutiple items, you can now select those items by clicking the checkbox in the first column of each item. You can also select all items in the current page, or all items of this data list. 

 Once you selected those items, you can see how many items are selected on the top-right. And you can click the “Delete” button to delete the selected items.

Please be noticed, the item(s) cannot be restored after deleted.

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