How Yeeflow Can Help You Build Apps and Improve Your Company’s Productivity

Yeeflow | This software-as-a-service might be able to help your business get more done.
Sep 22 2023

Technology is constantly evolving and improving how we communicate and operate, and in recent years, mobility has become the main focus. With the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices becoming increasingly more commonplace throughout more and more businesses, time and connectivity have never been more valuable.

In 2017, Yeeflow was released to simplify the process for businesses to produce mobile and desktop apps. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) comprised of connectors, services, apps and data platforms designed to quickly and seamlessly build business applications according to specific business needs.

What exactly does Yeeflow do?

Essentially, Yeeflow allows businesses to create apps that convert their manual processes into automated and digital processes, which is easy to learn without the need for any prior coding experience. It also allows businesses to securely create, share and connect their apps and external data sources with anyone on any device within a matter of minutes.

How does it work?

Yeeflow can be accessed via desktop devices or from its mobile app on handheld devices. Creating a mobile or desktop app is made easy with its drag-and-drop user interface. Here is a four-step process you can use:

  1. Select a pre-built template or build from scratch, set up the proper access permission. – Check out what kind of templates you can use.
  2. Define the data structures and the relationship of the business data.
  3. You can then quickly drag-and-drop various forms, workflows and controls including field controls, images, text fields, calculations, choice fields and much more to create their desired app.
  4. Finally, publish and share applications across the entirety of the business.

– Learn more about Yeeflow application center.

What are the features and their benefits?

Why should your business be using Yeeflow? It all depends on what your business’s needs are. Are you wanting to automate workflow? Are you wanting to integrate all external and internal business data into one program?

There are many features and benefits to using Yeeflow, here are the main benefits to start taking advantage of.

  1. Boosted staff productivity. Yeeflow lets businesses create desktop and mobile apps designed for their specific functions and needs. This can include self-service apps such as onboarding employees and managing payroll information, recording client information and processing approvals and requests. That way, staff can do smaller, mundane tasks quickly from their phone rather than setting aside time to catch up throughout their week.
  2. Control, security and compliance. Yeeflow gives businesses complete control via its admin center. This is where businesses can see all their listed apps and administer data policies, permissions and user control options. Businesses benefit from full security, as every app created in Yeeflow can be able to easily link to Microsoft’s active directory domain service (ADDS), which authenticates, authorizes and enforces security policies for all devices and users. Because all apps are built on Microsoft’s Azure, every app is also automatically suitable for the compliant. – Learn more about the protection provide by of MS Azure.
  3. Automated processes and functions. Businesses can automate their functions and processes without the need for manual input. For example, they can send important information, news and updates to staff and clients on their phones with push notifications. Yeeflow also allows for increased functionality such as reporting and resolving issues, even when management is not in the office.

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