How to choose enterprise low code platform 2020?

Among the many enterprise low code platform, it is crucial to choose the most suitable one. Which factors should be considered?
Sep 22 2023

According to the Forrester research report, whether it is mature large-scale or new small-scale low code development platform developers, they are developing rapidly at a growth rate of 50% every year. Among the many enterprise low code platform, it is crucial to choose the most suitable one.Before choosing a business application builder, some factors need to be considered in advance.

Who is the executor of software development?

The target users of the enterprise low code platform are actually very clear. One is professional developers, and the other is business developers, that is, citizen developers. IT department, business department both need to involve in the decision making decision to ensure the most appropriate low code platform solutions.

Identify business needs

Different business application builder functions have different focuses, and the tools provided are also different. Some focus on the construction of processes and forms, while others focus on business logic. Some only provide basic construction functions but is far ahead in terms of code capabilities. Therefore, a good business application builder should identify its targeted business needs at the beginning.

Customize management solution for enterprise

Whether it is code development or using a low code platform, application construction and maintenance are difficult. Before using the low code platform, you need to prepare the corresponding management system in order to make it play its best role.

How to evaluate enterprise low code platform?

When evaluating an enterprise low code platform, what aspects should be paid attention to?

Basic functions

The basic functions of the business application builder are the first step in evaluation. However, most of the basic capabilities provided by the market are rather similar, that is, the configuration components such as forms, application, and workflow, etc. Therefore, the enterprise has flexible choices.

User experience

Good user experience is essential. Everyone uses mobile applications, and they tend to use smooth, intuitive, and convenient user interfaces. The enterprise low code platform should have good visual effects and performance, otherwise, it is still impossible to develop practical applications.


Ensure that the developed application does not require any additional coding to run well on mobile devices. The user interface is not simply an adaptation of the PC page. For example, the buttons on the mobile terminal should be slightly larger; large reports need to be split into multiple pages to facilitate viewing on a small screen.

Pre-built templates

Templates can greatly help improve application productivity. The pre-built templates are carefully designed and tested by developers. In addition to accelerating the speed of application development, it also helps you to obtain more reliable and safe applications. For example, if you are looking for a suitable enterprise low code platform to optimize the project management model, you can choose from the pre-built template to fit your needs.

Cloud deployment

The business application builder can generally be used in the cloud environment and supports the easy deployment of applications on the cloud. Most vendors have invested heavily in data security because they all know that protecting customers’ business data is critical to the platform. Cloud deployment greatly speeds up work, and users can access the latest updated content, functions and technologies at any time.

Customization service

No one can guarantee that the application built by your enterprise low code platform will 100% satisfy you. A good business application builder will take into account the user’s needs in advance and provide suitable tools so that businessperson can easily manage applications. Therefore, configuration functions and participation degree of the IT department are important factors to evaluate whether this low code development platform is appropriate.

Training and Services

Developers can provide complete instructions and arrange regular training according to enterprise needs. Customer support is another critical evaluation factor. Developers need to respond and deal with problems in a timely manner when customers encounter problems.
Compatibility with third-party systems

Generally, an enterprise will not only use one set of the management system, so before choosing an enterprise low code platform, please consider in advance whether there is any risk in interfacing with the currently used system.

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