How low code development platforms build partner management system?

Yeeflow, as one of the low code development platforms, it has solved many problems for business management. Miele, is one of our partners.
Sep 22 2023

Low code is a visual method for application development, allowing professional and non-professional developers to quickly build and deploy applications. IT developers can collaborate on the platform to create, iterate, and publish applications. Besides, it can develop various types of applications for different scenarios. Yeeflow, as one of the low code development platforms, it has solved many problems for business management. The famous kitchenware company, Miele, is one of our partners.

The brief introduction of Miele

Miele, founded in 1899, is an independent family business that has been committed to contributing to its owners, employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. The company focuses on manufacturing household appliances suitable for kitchens, laundry rooms and floor care, as well as electrical appliances used in commercial operations and medical facilities.
At the beginning of its establishment, Miele’s appliance was only sold in Germany. With business development, Miele opened branches in various countries and actively expanded overseas markets. It successively opened subsidiaries in the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and Dubai etc.

The problems arise with the business expansion

With the continuous expansion of business scope, business partners are also increasing who mainly apply to install kitchen appliances and bathroom equipment in real estate. Too many applications bring a series of problems.
1. There is no system that can report projects, and the projects applied by business partners often do not meet the requirements.
2. Partners are applying for more and more projects, and quick review has become a major problem.
3. The staff still rely on paper records to manage business partners, which causes low working efficiency and terrible performance. In addition, it takes a lot of time to query the specific information of the partners, since the previous data is confusing. When they want to restart an old project, there is no detailed history as a reference.
4. Lack of partner qualification review system. Although some partners have cooperated many times, there are some illegal operations in the process, which can easily cause huge losses.

Miele was actively looking for low code development platforms to solve them out. Finally, they decided to use Yeeflow.

Miele uses low code platform to solve their problems

Yeeflow is a low code software, also known as a low code application builder, which enables it easy to learn and operate, and it addresses Miele’s problems in the following aspects.

1. Project reporting system.

Miele submits the project it needs to the Yeeflow system. The partner can fill in the report as a reference. Of course, the partner can also fill in the new project.

2. Partner qualification review

Partners must fill in a series of corporate information when filling in the project, and Yeeflow’s system will evaluate and review this information quickly to exclude unqualified partners.

3. Partner management system

Qualified partners will enter the system in a unified way, and Miele’s manager can check the partner’s information at any time and monitor the progress of the project.

4. Partner qualification evaluation system

The partners are evaluated three times a year and ranked according to the scores, then the system will eliminate unqualified partners in a timely manner. Meanwhile, there is a freeze function. When the partner has illegal operations, it will be frozen immediately. Miele will decide when to defrost.

All in all, our low code platform really automates Miele’s business, and help them manage business partners with high efficiency, fully meeting their demand. A seemingly chaotic system can actually be managed by low code development platforms, thereby saving your time and energy.
How to create an application by yourself? Let’s have a look!

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