How can no code and low code tools benefit your business?

Have you ever experimented with tools, such as Google Data studio, building custom views to visualize your data and share with your team? Good news! You may well have accidentally become a “citizen developer” by using no code and low code tools.

What is a Citizen Developer?

According to Gartner, a citizen developer is a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT. To be more specific, in consumerization of IT, citizen developer represents the growing trend of employees within an organization who create business apps in the workplace using tools including fourth-generation languages (4GL), low code technology platforms and cloud services.

Citizen developer with no code and low code tools

In the twenty-first century, 4GL systems have emerged as “low code” environments or platforms for the problem of rapid application development in short periods of time. There is an inseparable relationship between citizen developer and tools like low code development platform. In other words, the emergence of such tools makes it possible for all people to develop the apps they need. Vendors often provide sample systems such as CRM, contract management, bug tracking from which development can occur with little programming.

How can citizen developer benefit your business?

1. Increase productivity by empowering every employee to satisfy their own IT needs without programming. Such as citizen Developers can contribute to applications that automate processes and fully digitize systems. 

2. Reduce communication costs for IT development. Citizen Developers combine business acumen with technical skills to develop applications that have business goals in mind, but work closely with IT to bring ideas to action.

3. Citizen Developers will only become more valuable as their skills grow to be more advanced in time. The more experience (and more tools) Citizen Developers gain, the more their development skills will expand to deliver greater business value.

Yeeflow is such a citizen developer tools, as a no code development platform, it can help even non-technical people create amazing applications with powerful drag-n-drop interface. Simple learning and powerful functions enable every employee to create unlimited forms and apps. Are you ready to embrace the new era? Take a look at Yeeflow blog to find more tips and integrating citizen developer with your IT strategy!

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