Enterprise low code platform promotes digital transformation

The enterprise low code platform has re-entered people’s vision and gradually become the focus of corporate CIOs.What is the reason for it?
Sep 22 2023

As companies increasingly emphasize the continuous industry innovation, the enterprise low code platform has re-entered people’s vision and gradually become the focus of corporate CIOs. Low code drag-and-drop integration and simple user interface templates allow anyone including those without a coding background, to build applications. Low code simplifies application development, enabling companies to quickly deliver new applications. While traditional software development can no longer match the enhanced collaboration, speed, and productivity brought by low code development. The enterprise low code platform is becoming a key enabler of digital transformation.

What are the main reasons for it?

Enterprise IT department cannot meet market demand for application development
In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2021, market demand for application development will grow by at least five times that of IT delivery capabilities. The enterprise low code platform helps bridge the shortage of experienced developers in the enterprise. The low code application platform enables non-programmers to participate and contribute to application development in an amazing way. For example, business analysts or process experts can collaborate with IT through visual drag-and-drop tools to design and modify business applications.

Low code can increase productivity

The enterprise low code platform can realize business requirements more easily and faster, while also ensuring that there will no loss. For experienced developers, it will save more time to focus on high-value work

The enterprise low code platform enables different teams to collaborate to build applications
How do IT, operations, business, marketing, and sales collaborate to develop applications together to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency? What they need is a visual model. Adopting a low code application platform can enable everyone to contribute to application development. CIO and IT leaders can use their employees to create applications that provide greater customer experience. On the back end, organizations can use internal experts from different departments to create better applications and drive efficiency.

Low code can achieve continuous innovation and expansion capabilities

low code application platform helps companies grow from a small scale and then expand to promote digital transformation. They can quickly build viable products and dynamically deploy these applications. At the same time, people can learn, optimize and expand to promote continuous innovation. A cloud-based low code application platform allows organizations to achieve greater flexibility.

What should you note when using enterprise low code platform?

Companies are looking for ways to innovate and reduce costs, and low code can help them to do that. A survey recently commissioned by Frost & Sullivan by Pega found that 81% of respondents are already using the enterprise low code platform.

Moreover, enterprise low code platform provides a visual and intuitive development experience for different posts. Users can quickly access the content they need on the same platform.

However, we need to consider whether the company is able to accept low code application platform, and whether technical implementation issues can be solved. Some enterprise low code platform only can create simple applications that cannot be extended with limited reusability. There are also some platforms that provide developers with a disconnected application building environment. In this case, companies need to spend more time piecing applications together created in different environments.

It’s time to abandon slow and expensive code-intensive application development. Start your free trial of the low code application platform right now!

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