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Enterprise low code platform can help you manege your project. With this kind of tool, the common problems in IT project can be solved easily.
Sep 22 2023

In the previous article, we’ve listed 4 common problems. And in this article, we will also give 4 common problems and the corresponding solutions.

1. Lack of tracking of project changes

Impact: Either the budget is overrun, or progress is slowed (or both).

Suggestion: Establish a formal change application process. Any changes within the scope of the project (such as adding new features) should be specified in the change document and signed and approved by the project leader. In addition, the project manager also needs to determine what impact the application will have on the budget and schedule.

2. Planning issues

Impact: If the business and IT departments do not define the scope of the project in advance, the project will eventually fail to meet the expected results, and IT will also lack direction to complete the project on schedule.

Suggestion: Correct misdefined items through business use cases and scope delineation.

3. Ignore the association between projects

Impact: Ignoring the relationship between projects will cause resource imbalances (for example, the personnel allocated to one project are also needed by another project), which will affect the progress of the project. As a chain reaction, other projects will also be dragged down.

Suggestion: Take relevant factors into consideration when formulating the project plan. Communicate more with project participants and draw a project association table to help you clearly understand the relationship between the projects.4. The time schedule is not perfect

Impact: Team members have no idea of ​​when to complete what tasks, which hinders the on-time completion of the overall project.

Suggestion: The easiest way is to identify all the activities in the project and mark the estimated completion date after these activities. Use project management software to create schedules.

Yeeflow is an enterprise low code platform, which can help even non-technical person to build unlimited applications to help manage the project. If you’re finding a tool to help you better manage the project, Yeeflow can be a nice choice.

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