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How to fill in the ‘pit’ of digital workplace solution? Find answer in this article!
Sep 22 2023

Digital workplace solutions may be a hot topic in modern business transformation. While doing this, there always have some tricky situation.

These ‘pits’ hidden in the construction process of the ‘digital workplace’ mainly come from two aspects: One is from the supplier; the second is the internal management.

One from the suppliers are mainly concentrated on:

  • excessive dependence on suppliers,
  • suppliers’ ability can’t meet development needs,
  • system sky-high price upgrades and single browsers are not supported after the upgrade
  • Personnel changes cause repeated work and communication, etc.

The ‘pits’ from the internal management of the construction mainly focuses on:

  • mismatch of management system and technical structure,
  • insufficient understanding of technology and business,
  • the conflict between system construction and the will of the department leader.
  • the system is more and more important, but the status of the information department is more and more marginalized issues.

How to fill in the “pit”?

The biggest “pit” of “digital workplace” is the concept itself. The author believes that to a certain extent, this concept does not exist, it is a term given by suppliers. Therefore, a successful reform does not depend on any tool that uses digital workplace gimmicks. What matters most is to design the plan according to the actual situation of the organization and complete it with the help of suitable tools.

Here is a business process automation examples, which can be seen as a perfect solution for ‘difficult landing’ with no code tools.

Taking the sales department creating an order contract as an example. Before, they may just have a form frame and need to fill in the information manually. Then every department need to deal with this data in their own format. The long workflow increases the cost and the probability for errors.

With Yeeflow, this no code platform, you can just use customer name to match the else data you needed. By choosing the data field you need in the form design. Then the corresponding data will be automatically match from the database after submission. The related department can transfer this data into any format they need.

The contract with perfect information saves considerable manpower, and instead of manually match each data, employees are more willing to use this “one-click” function.

It is now a lightweight application burst node. The author believes that enterprise informational work can be divided into rigid demand and flexible demand. Rigid demand corresponds to human resources, finances, as well as actual business systems and data flows, etc.; Flexible demand refers to being able to meet temporary and changing scenarios of the enterprise.

Yeeflow is such a digital workplace software that can quickly meet the flexibility needs of enterprises.

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