E-commerce team uses Yeeflow to achieve efficient mayeeflowgement

One of our customers in charge of the e-commerce team said that Yeeflow is a great process management tool to use APIs to connect their ERP system! In addition, Yeeflow is also a good digital workplace software for data query, decentralized collaboration between team members, and data sharing.

1.Company profile

Founded in 2015, this e-commerce company is committed to building a first-class cross-border e-commerce brand with annual sales of over 100 million. The company has its own B2C website, and independently operates multiple overseas e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and wish. What’s more, its sales market has covered hundreds of countries around the world. At present, its total office area has reached more than 8,000 square meters with around 200 employees.

The company has a strong R&D team to build exclusive ERP and other systems, and seamlessly connects multiple overseas warehouses with international logistics channels. They aim to provide customers with the best quality products and service experience.

The problems analysis

As a modern e-commerce team, the company has built a first-class ERP system, but there are still many areas for improvement in internal office.

1.Use excel to manage inventory data

The company needs to manage a large number of samples. Data such as warehousing and inventory quantity, etc. are manually recorded into the excel table on the computer, which is not only slow and inefficient, but also difficult for later query.

2. Assigning tasks by email

Sales and service departments need to send design tasks to designers (such as the design of recruitment posters, etc.) through email, which takes a lot of time.

3.Calculate finances manually

In the company’s financial data, financial personnel usually make statistics from offline data, which is not only time-consuming and but also causes serious problems such as errors and omissions.

4.Office with OA system

In internal office, many ERP functions are not available except the office system. When managing purchase orders, staff need to operate separately on the erp system and the OA system, which triggers many repeated workload.

So, how does this e-commerce team use Yeeflow to solve problems?

When using our digital workplace software, all the business processes are automated, which can be shown in the following aspects.

1. Manage inventory

Use Yeeflow to build the process of sample collection, purchase, report loss, return, auction, etc., and they can check the various operational data in real time.

2. Manage the design assignment

Use Yeeflow to build the design task process. The sales department directly sends the request online, and the design department receives it in real time. People can check the corresponding progress at any time.

3. Manage finances

Through the Yeeflow dashboard, the budgets of various departments are displayed in the form of reports and released to relevant personnel for viewing. It saves time for statistics collecting and information release.

4. Docking ERP

Connect Yeeflow and ERP via API, and click the submit on the ERP to generate the purchase process.

This e-commerce team has used Yeeflow for 2 years, and their working efficiency is greatly improved. The manager evaluate Yeeflow like this, it is really a perfect digital workplace software for enterprise to automate their business, and they feel lucky to cooperate with us!

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