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What should you consider before using the digital workplace software?
Sep 22 2023

Yeeflow is the digital workplace software, digital workplaces help individuals and teams work more efficiently, so how can digital workplaces improve agility and productivity?

1. Vision

Your digital workplace should be consistent with your business and digital transformation goals that can clearly answer why you want to completely change the working environment. Remember, your goal is to increase employee productivity, and combine business, human resources and managers at all levels to work closely in an orderly manner, thereby improving the company’s overall performance. If you haven’t clearly stated the purpose of using digital workplace software, then don’t buy it blindly, since it needs a lot of budget.

2. Strategy

Your digital workplace platform should give employees a greater say in technical decisions.
You must develop a roadmap and blueprint to coordinate the working plans across R&D, marketing, sales, customer support, manufacturing and human resources department. However, you have to ask the question: How will you use digital workplace software to increase employee engagement and support the company’s digital plan? How to create a space that can boost employee creativity?

3. Personality

The personality characteristics of employees are an important part of all digital workplace plans, which helps companies establish benchmarks for their work processes. That is to say, what technical tools and sales leads are needed by the supervisor?
According to Gartner’s research, BNY Mellon established a personality trait model a few years ago as a part of the main digital workplace investment. The model defines users as sharers, knowledge seekers and internal experts. Tracking the personality trait is critical to measuring organizational value.

4. Business indicator

Use analytics to calculate IT, HR, and business indicator, and then create digital scorecards. For example, you can assess user engagement to track daily active users and the time they spend in digital workplace platform.
Try to quantify the efficiency, agility, and satisfaction of employees. Digital business indicators are the most difficult to calculate, but these indicators are essential for measuring the value of your investment. Rozwell said: “It help manager to clearly communicate potential investment returns to senior management and help prevent technology investments from being seen as unprofitable expenses.”

5. Employee experience

Improving customer experience is the ultimate goal of a digital workplace platform, but you must first enhance the employee experience. By using Yeeflow siftware, managers can discover employee contributions and achievements. At the same time, they can incorporate them into shared IT/HR indicators to monitor employee engagement.

The Boston Red Sox implemented an intranet called Home Plate to improve communication with employees. Home Plate includes approximately 350 full-time employees and more than 1,000 seasonal workers to manage safety and other responsibilities during the baseball race. The project leader said that the digital workplace software they use has strong integration capabilities.

Shield said that employee can see regularly updated content on the software, which includes photos and videos taken during the game, and articles that teach people how to play baseball. The Boston Red Sox also integrated a chatbot to help answer other questions. Keeping employees up to date is also the key to interaction. If employees are excited about their work, they will be more willing to work.

6. Organizational change

Digital workplace software often requires considerable changes to internal processes, departmental structures, incentives, skills, culture, and behavior. Integrate digital workplace technologies into the workflow and set rules, such as technical standards, usage guidelines and information governance. Work with executives to let them interact with employees.

7. Training

New work may boost the work of employees. You can make this transition easier with efficient training.

8. Process

Take a closer look at the current work style of employees and the most time-consuming activities they are involved in. Develop reasonable work processes by collecting and analyzing data from digital workplace platform.

9. Information

Employees want software for searching, sharing, and working to be as smart and compelling as the software they use in their daily lives. They want information and analysis to be contextualized and realized when needed. In this case, you will need to implement a file sharing system for easy mobile access and real-time synchronization.

10. Technology

You must integrate all digital platforms into a seamless network of situational awareness, mobility, and real-time information delivery. This network enables employees to provide services to customers. Of course, it is also important to reward the practice of technological innovation.

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