Can BPM software become the terminator of process management?

Can the functional principles of the BPM system meet the core requirements of process management? I will give you an answer.
Sep 22 2023

BPM software brings efficiency and convenience to enterprises. When consulting process projects, almost all customers will ask: “Can the various applications of BPM software replace the current process management?”. For this problem, I will analyze and answer for you from the following questions.

Can the functional principles of the BPM system meet the core requirements of process management?

Process management is a systematic method centered on standardized and end-to-end business processes, with the purpose of continuously improving organizational performance. It organizes, standardizes and optimizes business processes, and integrates resources to reduce operating costs and simplify workflow. It is mainly aimed at the inside of the enterprise, focusing on changing issues such as overlapping function, multiple middle levels, and complicated processes. In short, process management is the internal reform of the enterprise so as to solve the problems. Therefore, the core of it is “process”, and the key is “sustainability”.

The core of the BPM software is generally the rule engine, and all interaction and circulation are around it. At the beginning of software design, the solidification of business processes into the information system is to improve efficiency. However, with the changes in business processes, organizations, internal and external environments, even the information systems that are currently very suitable for enterprises are bound to face the continuous upgrading and optimization.

Therefore, only the continuous maintenance, optimization and upgrading of the BPM system can meet the needs of enterprises.

Can BPM software system realize the interaction between personnel at all levels of the enterprise?

Process management involves more than the basic level employees. There are many lines and interactions between the high-level, middle-level and basic levels of the enterprise. In the workflow management project, all levels of personnel should participate and coordinate together, which can be perfectly achieved by Yeeflow, a famous BPM software.

As we all know, BPM system can greatly improve efficiency through human-computer interaction and provide unparalleled convenience. But at the same time, if the information system is separated from the actual business, that is, a two-line operation mechanism between business and information system. It will hinder the interaction between people.

BPM software can provide a variety of complex functions, simplifying the tedious manual work. However, if you do not survey process sorting and user’s demand before it goes online. Even more, there is no communication and coordination with the personnel at all levels on the best way to run the process, BPM system will not work in an effective way. It will easily form a situation where the BPM software is running in a wrong way, and the actual business process is blocked everywhere.

Can the same BPM software be applied to all enterprises?

Enterprises with experience in information construction know that they must choose the BPM system according to the actual situation of the company. Because different companies have different internal management models and external market environments. And the demand for software is varied as well. It is inevitably impossible to replicate the successful management experience of other enterprises. 60% of IT project failures are related to the inability of the system. These companies eventually had to abandon the newly launched system and return to the original manual management model. However, using advanced low-code technology, yeeflow has a very wide range of applications, which can be applied to both small and large enterprises.

Here, I am by no means denying the value of BPM software. On the contrary, in the three-cycle service of process combing, process optimization and process solidification, it is necessary to truly conform to the actual situation of the company and not to copy patterns that others have already used.

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