How Yeeflow helps hotel upgrade management process?

We have a client who manages an internationally renowned star hotel. There are 180 different styles of rooms that are equipped with a 3-inch LCD TV, high-quality down and cotton fabrics, etc. All areas are covered by wireless broadband. In addition, there are also buffet breakfast, Meeting rooms, self-service laundry and other service facilities. The overall design concept is dynamic, stylish, simple and elegant, and they are committed to bring a comfortable living experience and provide perfect service for every guest. They never use the business process management software before.

Problems in hotel management

This hotel was established in 2018. As it is still in the early stage of operation, the hotel’s internal management system runs terribly. The problems they have are as follow.

1.Poor internal collaboration. The catering department can not provide timely feedback to the manager about the ingredients needed the next day, and the manager always urges them repeatedly. Under this case, the communication costs increase, leading to inefficient work.

2.Slow process approval. The financial documents are paper-based, which requires the face-to-face approval of the leaders, and the timeliness is too low.

3.Difficulties in data statistics. The daily data cannot be aggregated into reports for viewing and screening.

4.Difficult in customer feedback. It is difficult to comprehensively count the customer’s evaluation of the hotel.

All in all, insufficient informatization makes it difficult to operate. Newly opened, the hotel’s internal basic equipment still needs maintenance, and a systematic business process management software is badly needed to automate all the process.


In view of various difficulties, the general manager began to find suitable business process management software in the market. After deeply know about the BPM software in the market, he contacted the Yeeflow implementation department for further communication. Finally, the Yeeflow was formally started to help him manage the hotel.

How to use Yeeflow to manage the hotel?

The solution contains four major sections.

1. Procurement Management

It includes food purchase requisitions, food monthly consumption inventory, daily purchase requisitions. First, the person in charge of the catering department regularly organize the food purchase details through the form. Second, the manager approves it step by step. Third, after confirming the ingredients and quotation, purchasing department start to purchase them.

2. Financial management

It includes payment application form, travel reimbursement form, cash loan application form, cash expenditure form, banquet application form and internal transfer form. The business department fills in the payment application form, and then transfers it to the leader for approval, which saves much time.

3. Maintenance management

It includes maintenance form. When cleaning the room, if any device is broken, people can report the problem to the maintenance supervisor who will assign the personnel to deal with the problem in time.

4. Basic information

Establish various basic information databases such as dish quotation, employee information, vendor directoryetc.


So far, Yeeflow has been successfully implemented in the customer’s hotel. For this hotel, Yeeflow not only solves the headache they have, but also brings the following benefits:

1. Each employee can submit data on the mobile terminal, and the leader receives a reminder for review, which greatly reduces the time cost of daily data collection.
2. Abandon the previous offline paper approval documents and let the data be stored in the cloud server to for convenient analysis.
3. The data is reflected in each processing link, and the timeliness assessment of each employee is supported by data, which is beneficial for employee management.

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