Business process management software | What is a BPM tool?

Business process management refers to an information system for process management, a systematic method for the business performance.
Sep 22 2023

BPM (business process management) refers to an information system for process management, a systematic method for the continuous improvement of business performance. Business process management is an important way for the development of enterprise informatization. Through BPM software (such as yeeflow) to manage the process of the enterprise, it can comb and optimize the existing operational processes. Meanwhile, it makes it easier for companies to expand new businesses and achieve refined operations.

The development of business process management

In the 1990s, the famous book, “Reengineering the Corporation” written by Michael Hammer and James Champy, triggered a wave of business process improvement in American companies. The two scholars showed the view in the book that redesigning the company’s processes, structure and culture can bring significant improvements. However, due to the lack of attention to the employee initiative, it showed counterproductive results in many companies that are committed to putting their theory into practice.

Today, stimulated by the pressure of global competition, many companies are re-examining their business process management. They are constantly looking for more efficient methods, aiming to manage companies through automated means, thereby improving working efficiency. Therefore, the development of business process management software is increasing, and yeeflow is a tool favored by many enterprises.

“Companies are recognizing that comprehensive and reliable processes are very important to achieve performance goal,” said Roger Burlton, founder of the Process Renewal Group. “If the organizations haven’t done anything about business process management, Then they must start now”

The features of business process management

Each level of process management has a relatively independent and specific method, but there is also a close relationship between them.

1. First, high-level management goals are ultimately achieved through low-level business activities.

2. Secondly, when the low-level management cannot solve the actual problem, it needs to introduce high-level management.

3. Finally, the low-level data provides the basis for the high-level management decision.

Therefore, from the perspective of the entire business process management, it is necessary to unify them under one framework. Yeeflow will be your best choice!

What is a BPM tool?

Business process management software is a tool that automatically plans workflow and monitors this process. It is applicable to the operation of the entire company, greatly improving working efficiency and controlling costs. Most important, it makes work proceed in an orderly manner. Yeeflow is one of the BPM tools.

The importance of Business process management software business process management is an important means for enterprises to transition from extensive management to standardized or even refined management. Using BPM software can greatly shorten the cycle and reduce costs. What’s more, it can improve work quality, realizing process automation, and promoting teamwork. Eventually, the unification and concentration of responsibilities towards different positions will be realized. By doing so, the management of enterprises will become standardized and programmed than before.

Why do you need BPM tool?

Traditionally, the common enterprise information systems are mainly composed of office systems, transaction processing systems, and decision and support systems. However, these systems do not have an automated workflow, and they are used to help employees better complete specific tasks. The emergence of Business process management software makes the automatic flow or automatic execution of the entire process possible.

Besides, as business processes extend outside the enterprise (for example, suppliers and customers), traditional workflow systems cannot solve the problem of cross-enterprise process integration. Based on the above reasons, the BPM tool came into being, of which yeeflow has solved this problem well.

What are the characteristics of successful enterprises?

The foundation of an enterprise’s success is to coordinate various resources through business processes to achieve their goals. Whether it is delivering products to customers or working collaboratively with partners, the BPM tool can organically weave products, brands, and values together. In fact, our software yeeflow can perfectly present this feature.

The advantage of business process management software

1. BPM tool to model and improve business processes for Medium-sized companies.

2. As for large enterprises and multinational organizations, BPM tool can automate their processes and increase efficiency.

3. Business process management software reduces costs, improves accountability, and promotes interaction with customers

4. It enhances business flexibility and improves the competitive advantage of enterprises.

In conclusion, business process management software is really indispensable for enterprises. If you try to manage your company in an automated way, I strongly recommend you to start a trial of yeeflow, It will definitely bring you a surprise!

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