Build a Partner relationship management system with Yeeflow

If you are finding something for partner management, such as partner qualification review, project process management etc. This article is exact for you!
Sep 22 2023

Partner relationship management can be a big problem in organization management. All the company has business partner and must deal with oceans of projects and the processes. Rather than using paperwork or Excel to manage all the complex process, a suitable software to help you to solve the problem can be a better choice.

If you are also being bothered with the following problem such as partner periodic qualification review, project process management or Filing of project application etc. This article is exact for you!

What is the Partner relationship management system (PRM)?

Partner relationship management (PRM) is a combination of the software, processes and strategies companies use to streamline business processes with partners who sell their products.

PRM systems are often web- or cloud-based and typically include a partner portal, customer database, and other tools that allow companies and partners to manage leads, revenues, opportunities and sales metrics. Partner relationship management systems also track inventory, pricing, discounting and operations.

As you can see the picture below, how to manage the complex process greatly decide how much more revenue you can generate.

How to build the most suitable PRM system for your business?

For this part, you can turn to your inside IT department. Hire an expert software Team to design for you is also the way. But here what I want to introduce to you is design by yourself! Don’t worry if you don’t have any coding knowledge, no code tools can solve your problem!

Please let me introduce Yeeflow to you. Yeeflow is a powerful no code application builder which can help you build enterprise applications. With this tool, you can finally create digital workplace solutions for your team and free them from the complexity and low efficiency.

Take the PRM system as an example, the author will show you how yeeflow can solve this problem.

A traditional PRM often includes two parts:

channel partner portal

One is a channel partner portal for the outside business partner to access the system, they can register, apply for a project or seeing their progress with your organization.

A channel partner portal is a web-based application that provides a vendor’s established partners (usually distributors, resellers, service providers or other strategic partners) with access to deal registration, marketing resources, pricing and sales information for products and services, as well as technical details and support that are unavailable to other end users.

With Yeeflow API, you can easily integrate the database with the different functional webpage. And all the data will be transferred into the database, where you can manage all the info.

customer database

The second part is the most important, which is often called customer database, in which you can store the information, follow the whole process of the project or the partner activity.

With Yeeflow, you can choose the view you want, design the forms to collect the information you want, then create the workflow to automate the process and set the approval point in the key steps. All these steps can be achieved with only drag and drop operation, no coding needs. So, you can change the logic with your own needs.

Having a partner relationship management system in place helps channel managers streamline all their partner sales processes and minimize duplication within the business.

PRM system is just one of the application you can build with Yeeflow, this no code application builder can bring you more!

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