How can process efficiency be improved? BPM tools can help!

Business Process Management or BPM, is a systematic approach centered on the standardized construction of end-to-end excellence business processes, with the purpose of continuously improving organizational business performance.

What is BPM?

According to the Association of Business Process Management Professionals, BPM enables an enterprise to align its business processes to its business strategy, leading to effective overall company performance through improvements of specific work activities either within a specific department, across the enterprise, or between organizations.

Generally, BPM also refers to an information system for process management. By adopting BPM tools can accelerate the evolution speed and make process management more orderly and efficient.

What are BPM Tools?

Business process management (BPM) tools have an end goal of improving organization performance.

They can facilitate the dealing of workflows by help you from the very start point, which often present as design, model, implement etc. BPM tools can provide a systematic way for you to optimizing a company’s business process. By using a BPM tool in your company, companies can optimize process that involve human interaction or multiple business applications. What a BPM tool can achieve is to increase productivity, help raise efficiency and finally improve overall performance.

What BPM Tools can do?

Business process management software frequently focuses on allowing non-IT specialists to build business workflows, with an emphasis on connecting disparate systems. BPM tools are often no code tools, which allow no-technical person to build workflow or modelling by using drag and drop interface. BPM tools also have the following functions:

  • Workflow management: Users can design, test, and execute complex workflows to manage the interactions between employees, systems, and data. Many of these workflows are automated by the BPM platform.
  • Business rules engine: Users can create complex sets of business rules and conditions as part of process design and execution.
  • Form generator: Users can build web-forms without programming or coding skills.
  • Collaboration: The software often supports things like discussion threads, decision management, and idea management.
  • Analytics: Users can define metrics and KPIs and run standard and custom reports.
  • Integrations: Key integrations enable businesses to use data across systems and interfaces, such as MS Sharepoint and Salesforce.
bpm to ms / integration

Microsoft, as a big participant in BPM, it provides some Business process automation products. Below the author had listed some bpm to ms. Besides, with the integration, the famous communication tool Microsoft Teams can also be considered as a perfect solution to business process management.

  • SharePoint is a collaboration tool which bring people, content, and app together for seamless collaboration across your organization.
  • Power Apps empower every employee in your organization to be a citizen developer with low code tools.
  • Power Automate may not that familiar with the public, it can help create automated workflows between apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files and collect data.

With all these tools above, you can manage your business with ease. But what if you need an overall solution with only one platform? Now Microsoft Teams integration with Yeeflow can be your choice! Yeeflow is a process management software which can be used as as an extension on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams may be known as a communication software, but have you ever imagined turning it into a BPM platform? Yeeflow can help you achieve that!

Before, Teams can well satisfy your communication needs, such as video meeting, workplace chat, file transfer etc. But when it comes to workflow approval, task tracker, or data management, it may say no to you.

Now with Yeeflow, we can turn these into truth. What you can get is a clear business data view with your own design or a simple track for each task and more function waiting for you to explore. With Yeeflow for Microsoft Teams, create form and application right in your Microsoft Teams and transform conversations into structured work. Try it for free right now!

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