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What can you do with BPM software? Can BPM tools bring your company huge benefits? I will give you an answer in the following article.
Sep 22 2023

BPM software allows users to design, model, and implement workflow and business rules, thereby managing each part of the enterprise more scientifically. It provides a systematic method to manage and optimize the company’s business processes, and the ultimate goal is to improve the performance. BPM tools can significantly benefit companies in terms of operational efficiency, transparency, department control, and agility.

What can you do with BPM software?
Employee onboarding

Creating an employee onboarding process is the first step in establishing automate workflow. You may need such information as employee birthdays, address information, bank card information, relevant document proofs, and account information related to the company system. This information may seem messy, but after establishing a process with yeeflow, it will become simple and clear.

Meeting process

The meeting is an indispensable part of the operation and management of the enterprise. The year-end commendation meeting, business negotiation meeting, work report meeting, etc., all meeting processes can be made through BPM tools. Even the newly appointed supervisor can do well in the preparation, organization and holding of the meeting under this set of processes.

Standardized process management

During working, standardized operation procedures can also be made by BPM tools so that the production and operation of enterprises can be carried out as scheduled.

Design workflows

BPM software includes a visual process design tool that allows relatively non-technical users to design and test processes and workflows. Sales staff can record the situation of their customers in an orderly manner and make different follow-up strategies for different customers. This can greatly improve company performance. In addition,users can design, test, and execute complex workflows to coordinate the interaction between people, systems, and data.

Business rules making

Users can create complex business rules and condition sets as part of process design and execution.

Table generator

Users can build web forms without programming or coding skills.

Analyze data

Users can define indicators and KPIs, and run standard and custom reports.

The rich template of Yeeflow

As a popular BPM tools, yeeflow bears much more functions to help an enterprise to manage the business. It has rich templates such as project trackertravel reimbursement support desksales management, employee directory, product launch, course planner, bug tracker and vendor Management etc.

Why Use BPM tools?
1.Break down the work and clarify responsibilities

It includes the division of individual work and cooperation and the clarification of powers and responsibilities. By using this tool, managers of different departments can clarify their powers and improve their sense of responsibility.

2.Liberate managers and realize process-oriented management

Enterprises can solidify routine and repetitive task so that managers will have more time to do other things.

3.Streamline work and increase efficiency

Simplify the tedious links in the work, speed up the work and business circulation, and improve the work efficiency. In the traditional management process, due to the lack of automating workflow, the unclear division of responsibilities often occurs.

4.Standardized management with high efficiency

In the process of production and management, employees may make mistakes inevitably. BPM tools can help and remind employees to complete all links in time.

Some documents will eventually be submitted to the CEO or even the chairman for approval. In fact, not all documents require the approval of them. Yeeflow can simplify these complicated and trivial tasks and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

All in all, BPM software is a comprehensive tool that achieves the integration of various business links of an enterprise. According to the changes in the business environment, it can promote the integration and adjustment between people, people and systems, and systems and systems.

Generally, information transmission, data synchronization, and business monitoring can promote cooperation between different sectors. BPM tools break through the bottleneck of traditional workflow technology. By modeling, automating, managing, monitoring, and optimizing the entire cycle of business, it greatly reduces the cost and improves the profits of the enterprise.

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