6 can and can’t of no code platform

In this article the author will give some specific scenarios to help you better understand what is no code platform really suitable for.
Sep 22 2023

No-code platform represented by Yeeflow is mainly used in the field of enterprise middle and back-end applications, especially around data management and workflow-related application categories. They are generally used inside the enterprise, and sometimes extended to the outside customers and partners. These applications are built around the functions such as addition, deletion, checking, and modification of data and flexible workflow management, and users can use them through browsers and mobile devices.

This short introduction has indeed included many scenarios in the enterprise software filed. In order to help you better understand, the author will give some more specific scenarios:

4 can scenario of no code platform

Applications for Department-level that solve the specific business needs

Because of the ease of use brought by the zero-code system and the feature of avoiding future code development, user companies can directly build or lead some simple small applications by non-developers in the business department. With unified application management capabilities, it can also prevent shadow IT problems.

Applications built for process automation

With the process automation functions of Yeeflow, you can open intermittent workflows that require manual coordination, such as:

  • Automatic connection of orders, deliveries and invoices
  • Time-based checklist generation, equipment maintenance reminders, contract expiration reminders, etc.
  • Automatic labeling and lead cultivation based on the lead between the sales process and the marketing process
Applications built to realize the process of data circulation, reporting and review

In complex data collaboration, build a manual control workflow application based on form data, approval and filling in nodes.

Business management application based on relational database

Refers to business management systems built around core businesses in different industries, such as:

  • Invoicing in the circulation industry
  • Manufacturing production execution, material management, equipment management
  • Project Management in Modern Service Industry
  • Teachers, students, and course management in the education industry
  • Procurement, installation and service management of equipment engineering industry
  • Sales management in general B2B industry, etc.

Most software in this big category looks almost the same. On the Web version, function navigation is often performed through the top and left menus. The main interface uses a table to list data items. Open the record details to perform various data operations and view related data.

It is precisely because of this similarity that the no-code platform can show its talents and implement all these applications in a unified assembly method, thus avoiding the original software development process from beginning to end.

2 can’t scenario of no code platform

Categories with huge market scale, consistent scenes, and highly versatile

Such as collaboration applications, communication applications. Of course, because of the huge capacity of these markets, there are already many mature manufacturers offering products. You don’t need to build with no code at all. If you want to participate in the competition in these markets, you should have a well-skilled software product development team in order to respond to market competition in a timely manner.

Consumer-oriented applications

This is easy to understand, 2C applications are very diverse and it is difficult to achieve it through no code. Of course, those simple information display or shopping cart applet applications are another matter. Many small program generation platforms are essentially no-code platforms.

In conclusion, no code platform does have some specific advantage in helping today’s workplace, such as it can do rapid development, reduce communication gap, satisfy the changing needs etc. You still need to think about whether it is the best choice for your business. If you feel confused, I highly recommend you try one to find out the answer. Yeeflow can provide you with a 30-day free trail. Try it out!

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